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  1. Jeffrey Hite

    Infinity Barrel

    I am in need of a Infinity 9mm Sight Tracker Bull Barrel. I can get one from them but it will take 6 weeks.
  2. Jeffrey Hite

    Boomers at Tennessee 3Gun Series

    Boomers at the Tennessee 3 Gun Series
  3. Jeffrey Hite

    Mag spring length

    What length spring do I need for a +9 tube. Got a new spring and need to cut it.
  4. Jeffrey Hite

    Tennessee 3 Gun series

    Boomer in the house
  5. Jeffrey Hite

    Gas Block

    When changing a barrel on an AR, do you need to change the gas block and gas tube?
  6. Jeffrey Hite

    Ballistic Calculator

    What is a good one to get that is free. I'm cheep.
  7. Jeffrey Hite

    Lock For Flying

    This may be dumb, what kind of locks for gun cases. I hear that some locks TSA has keys for. I don't want anyone to have akey but me.
  8. Jeffrey Hite

    9mm Factory Ammo

    My Glock 34 shoots the Winchester 124 NATO round in the white box the best. I'm looking for better accuracy. I want tighter groups at 30-50 yds. Buying some hollow points today to try. For matches is there something I need to try. I know I can order on line but I want to try here first.
  9. Jeffrey Hite

    Shipping ammo to match

    Im needing to ship ammo to the FN match. Let me know what the process is. Do I need to call the hotel and tell them its coming? How much extra do I send and how do I get back home? Tell me all the details. Thanks
  10. Jeffrey Hite

    2011 holster and mag pouches

    Just ordered my first custom 2011. Now I need holster and pouches. I have blade tech pouches for my Glock now and like them and have a Comp Tec holster. What do you guys and gals recommend. I will use it for 3 Gun and USPSA.
  11. Jeffrey Hite

    Freedom Munitions Match

    What Boomers are going? Seeing if anyone want to meet for dinner Friday or Saturday night. I'm good for the first round of drinks. I'm hopeing to get there about 5pm Friday.
  12. Jeffrey Hite

    Shot Shell for Spinners

    There is no restriction on size for this weekend Benelli match at Rockcastle. What would be a good shell for shooting the spinners. 5's or 6's high brass, prairie storm?
  13. Jeffrey Hite

    STI 2011 9mm Build

    Give me your input on what I must have on this pistol. Be serious.
  14. Jeffrey Hite

    3 Gun Case for Flying

    Pelican or Patriot?
  15. Jeffrey Hite

    Another Angel

    Yesterday I lost my youngest grandson. He was 13 mo old. They put him down for a nap and he never woke up. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers.
  16. Jeffrey Hite

    FNH Match

    Who is sending in an app for the FNH match ? Mine is going in the mail in the morning.
  17. Jeffrey Hite

    Glock Mag Pouches

    I need to change mag pouches. Going to use tech lock on them. Give me recommendations. I use them for USPSA and 3 Gun. I now have Comp Tac and last year In a match they came off my belt so they must go.
  18. Jeffrey Hite

    Dinner Plans

    I'm shooting in Augusta Ga.(Pinetucky Gun Club ) Saturday and the Noveske match on Sunday in Atlanta. I'm staying in Augusta Friday night and Covington Saturday. Any Boomers want to have supper just drop me a message. Thanks
  19. Jeffrey Hite

    2 Questions

    I just got a +9 tube and I need to know if I need to trim some of the spring. Also, is there a case that the shotgun with this tube will fit in? I want one that I can fly with.
  20. Jeffrey Hite

    Jeff Hite 2014 Contingency Points Tracker

    Let the party begin!