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  1. TerryKendell

    Jamie Meyer (Front Sight)

    Jan/Feb 2016 Front Sight Page 18 Way To Go
  2. TerryKendell

    Slide Glide - Frog Lub - OIL

    Which one for a STI Edge (40)
  3. TerryKendell

    NRA Action Pistol / Bianchi Cup Mover Event

    Chuck Abston [email protected] 405-812-8223 Is Starting Bianchi Cup Matches (& Team) OKCGC Calendar Link Details Then Click on NRA Mover Event...
  4. TerryKendell

    Need a Plumber

    Looking for a plumber? Kitchen sink leak, (NW OKC - Wilshire & Council)
  5. TerryKendell

    Who's Going to This?

    $250,000 Pay Out
  6. TerryKendell

    Sonic Cleaning

    Will sonic cleaners clean the Copper & Fowling out of 1911 barrel?
  7. TerryKendell

    Is Wilshire having match 02-22-15

    Is Wilshire having match Sunday Night 02-22-15?
  8. TerryKendell

    Henrys Guns 14375 West Highway 66 Yukon OK. 73099 Henrys is adding 36 shooting bays located aprox. 1 1/2 mile west of loves on old route 66 (Loves is on 11th Street or Hwy 92 or Cemetery Road (All the names for the north south road))
  9. TerryKendell

    Hat Cam Recommendations

    Looking for brand and model for a hat cam?
  10. TerryKendell

    OKC Gun Club three new Ponds (Berms)

    OKC Gun Club has made three new shooting bays where the old rifle range was. I hope they put some fill dirt in the bottom of them to absorb water. They have about a 30 degree down ward slope to ward the back. If it rains they will become ponds.
  11. TerryKendell

    Terry Kendell Contingency Tracker

    Ordered Jersey #7701379
  12. TerryKendell

    Blade Tech 1911 Quad Pouch

    Are Blade Tech 1911 Quad Pouch legal for Single Stack
  13. TerryKendell

    Blade Tech 1911 Quad Pouch

    Are blade tech 1911 Quad Pouch's legal for Single Stack?
  14. TerryKendell

    GunWorX opening in OKC

    A new Gun store is opening in OKC on 02-01-13 Aprox on North Council south of Britton Road Northwest HWY (4 or 5 blocks) West side of Council just north of Little Witts Store
  15. TerryKendell

    New Member

    Getting Equipment together to start Action Shooting Terry