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  1. Troy

    Ammo sold in gun shops vs. general retail stores

    A friend at work asked me if I knew about the difference between the ammo that gun shops sell compared to what you can by at at retail store. I told him other than the different types of ammo such as bullet weight for the same caliber , no. He was told by a gun shop owner that what they get is...
  2. Troy

    FS: CZ grips and brass

    VZ Diamond Back grips for CZ 75 - $50 269 pcs 38 Super Comp - range pickup - $15 500 pcs - 45 ACP - large and small primer - $15
  3. Troy

    Xbox Live Gold cards 12 month

    I have 4 cards for $35 each. FTF works best for me in Yukon or N.W. Okc.
  4. Troy

    random things for sale

    600 - 45ACP - $20 10 - Dillon 45ACP Ammo cases - $10 Desanti Cozy Partner - IWB - FS M&P40 - $25 Bianchi Remedy - OWB - FS M&P 40 - $20 Blade Tech Revolution with DOS attachment - FS M&P 9 - $20 STI Mag release - $15 FTF around N.W. OKC \ Yukon, OKCGC match, or ship on your...
  5. Troy

    classifier score affect on overall match

    If you do good or bad, will the classifier have just as much impact on your overall score as any other stage in the match? If there are no-shoots in a classifier, I like to think big picture and go conservative. If there are not any no-shoots, I may just go for it and see what happens and ends...
  6. Troy

    New Charging Handle design

    At least I haven't seen it yet. The brother of girl I work with has designed this charging handle. What do you think it's chances are of making it to 3-gun? I like and I don't like that it doesn't have a latch sticking out on the side. Now having to use the hole hand to pull the CH back...
  7. Troy

    FS: M&P 9 mags, holster and CZ basepads

    3 - 17 round M&P 9 magazines $20 each 2 blue Springer Precision basepads. Never used. These make the 17 round magazines the same length as the factory 18 rounds mags $12 each Bladetech revolution holster fro FS M&P 9 $20 FTF or you...
  8. Troy

    WTS: Full size M&P 40 magazines

    I have 3 to sell. $20 each
  9. Troy

    Dillon Square Deal B

    It's about a year old. It's set up for 9mm. I have some spare parts and machine cover. $350 local unless I get around to looking in the attic for the box I received it in.
  10. Troy

    misc parts

    Would like ftf transactions, but if shipping, the cost is on you and I would ask for your patience since getting to the post office isn't an easy thing for me to do. BladeTech holster for 2011 Edge for full length dust cover. $45 Triple Crown holster dropped and offset for M&P 40 Pro 5inch...
  11. Troy

    Xbox Live Gold cards

    I have 2 one year cards, $40 each
  12. Troy

    42 inch Panasonic TV

    42 inch Panasonic Plasma. I have had this for about 4 years for the sole purpose of video games. I probably used this on average 1 hour a night taking into account the nights I didn't play. It comes with a wall mount. I do not have the stand it came with, but I do have the remote. Due to the...
  13. Troy

    M&P Pro 40

    M&P Pro 40 with 5 inch barrel. Fiber optic front sight. 2 -15 round magazines. Has APEX competition trigger kit. Trigger pull is 3 lbs. Comes with everything it had when I bought it new. It does show signs of holster wear. $480 FTF If buyer is interested, I also have 2 additional magazines...
  14. Troy

    WTS: CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch

    And it is Black - $20 at the OKC USPSA match this Saturday
  15. Troy

    WTS: 4 - XBox Live Gold cards

    $40 each. I prefer ftf so you can get them in your own hand and rip them open yourself, or if you prefer, I can rip them open for you and give you the code.
  16. Troy

    Good deal 223 / 5.56 ammo?

    I hope so, I just bought some of the Federals. I haven't bought factory 223/5.56 in a few years. $25.99 for 90 round pack Federals $219.99 for 1,000 rounds of Wolf...
  17. Troy

    WTS: 18.5 inch Benelli M2 barrel with rifle sites

    Smooth Bore with 3 chokes(IC, M, F), and choke wrench. If you must know the round count, it's embarrassingly low at just under 2,000 rounds. The barrel shows some wear from the forearm grip pictured, also pictured is the barrel in the gun with the forearm grip covering up the wear marks (hey, I...
  18. Troy

    M2 barrel swap

    It's time to start beefing up (or slimming down) the Benelli M2. I'm leaning towards swapping my barrel if the Field barrel will fit my M2 tactical. Does anyone know the answer to that question, or do I need to contact Benelli?
  19. Troy

    To sell or not to sell my 2011

    I can't say that I am crazy about the 2011. Maybe the question is, do I deserve a 2011? I'm a C class shooter and will probably always be a C class shooter unless I start taking it a little more seriously which is not likely anytime in the forseeable future. I have no reason not to like, it...
  20. Troy

    WTS: Bullets and Large Primers

    It's time to pay my yearly "Stupid Tax" and what ya know, I made it all the way to August this year. 2000 - Missouri Bullet Company - 40 cal 180g TCFP - $35/500 500 - Missouri Bullet Company - 9mm 124g RN - $25 1-1000ct box of CCI large pistol primers - $25 SOLD Will meet in Yukon or NW Okc or...