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    CZ 457 MTR

    Nice group! That's an interesting stock on the rifle. Can't say I've ever seen one like that.
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    .22 Rimfire Ammunition A Plenty

    I've been getting those emails from CCI as well. My cabinet is well stocked so haven't bought any. I will have to look up those .22 punch to see what the hype is. Buddy's wife carries a .22 pistol for SD as her wrists have carpal so bad she can't handle the recoil of anything bigger. I've...
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    Recoil Magazine leak confirms Glock 43 = Singlestack 9mm

    Amazing necro thread!
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    .22 Rimfire Direct From CCI & Federal

    I've been getting CCI's emails with ammo for sale. I have a major stash from when it was .04 cents per round, but it's good to see they are selling direct. Wonder what discount one could get for a pallet?
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    Springfield XD 45

    It appears people are still watching this forum. Please chime in with you sale or trade items. Any other subject is also appreciated.
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    What Type of Scope Is On Your .22 Rifle?

    My Competition .22 is in the AR platform with a Nordic NC-22 upper. It sports a red dot to get on the steel quick at the range and with a QD weapons mounted light on the forearm after the match, armadillos and other varmints in the yard at night, although I do have to use the green dot after...
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    What Makes Anschutz Rifles So Expensive?

    It's a 1907 left hand shooter. All of the other rifles the Junior Club have are for right handed shooters.
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    Thanks To Whomever.

    I found felt plugs on Amazon made by Tipton. Comes with a caliber specific brass jag to use with a cleaning rod.
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    Upgrade my scope

    That's a heck of a scope your looking at. Long range?
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    Thanks To Whomever.

    In reality, I never shot anything other than a .410 shotgun and a JC Higgins 12 ga until going to the Army. Killed a lot of game in that time frame. The 12 ga was a loaner from an uncle that was the only gun owner other than one uncle in my democrat family that hated guns and he died right when...
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    Thanks To Whomever.

    I plead guilty. Contacted the owner about starting this forum and he was agreeable. That's an interesting cleaning system you have. Can't say I've ever seen the plugs before. Is it something your making at home or commercially available? I use a bore snake on occasion, but typically don't do a...
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    Your Fondest .22 Rimfire Memories

    I'm sure lots of others had great learning experiences. Sadly, they aren't on here yet.
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    It Would Be Interesting If..................

    We would need to message the owner to see if he would add that forum. Just sent him a PM.
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    Steel challenge pistol upgrades

    I've got a mag loader that is similar to that. Great to beat that sore thumb.
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    Dang It! Ruger

    At a match a few years ago, I acquired a Nordic stock to replace the factory issued one so it would look tacticool. Finally got around to buying a rifle to fit the stock, and took it to a steel challenge match last weekend. It was embarrassing with how many FTE, and stovepipes it got. To be...
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    What Makes Anschutz Rifles So Expensive?

    I can't help on the "why". I can say that the Junior Rifle Club at our range uses Anschutz rifles for the indoor shooting. The rifles are very heavy, the kids use weighted shooting vests and shoot prone. The best shooters put consistent clover leaf groups at 25 yds, sometimes closer to one hole...
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    Steel challenge pistol upgrades

    We see lots of different brands at our gun club, mostly among the new players. Some old colt woodsman models, and others. If they get seriously it's Ruger and sometimes buckmarks.
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    Steel challenge pistol upgrades

    The majority of pistols I see in all of the steel challenge matches are Ruger Mark III to Mark IV. Most with dots, some with muzzle brakes.
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    Cleaning for open gun comp - carbon build up

    I'll have to give that mix a try. Mine are all stainless, so there won't be an issue with bluing.