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  1. 45recoil

    Cmmg 22lr conversion

    As the title says, im selling my cmmg 22 conversion kit turning your 556 AR into a 22lr. Comes with 2 mags and a buffer plug to keep the bolt from bouncing. Paypal ff only. $130
  2. 45recoil

    WTT 500ct 180g 40s&w

    Wanna trade my last box of xtreme 180g 40sw for a box of xtreme 147g 9mm.
  3. 45recoil

    Bench clear out

    Looking to let loose of these since I dont need or use them Jp lmos 223 bcg, used in about 3 matches-$250 Lee 40s&w 3 die set used w/o box-$25 (Size and deprime, bullet seat, and fc die) Dawson precision snl +1 basebap for sti/svi mags NIB-SOLD
  4. 45recoil

    WTS Benelli M2 3 gun ready

    Im looking to sell my 3 gun ready benelli m2. • 24" bbl • c rum welded and tuned lifter • TTI recoil spring • TTI trigger springs • Nordic +9 ext tube • Nordic ext bolt lever • Bolt release tab • Lightened bolt carrier • Briley extended LM choke • Opened...
  5. 45recoil

    2011 STI EDGE 40 with mags and holster

    Selling my workhorse an edge in 40 with 6 mags ive used with the gun for years without an issue of feeding or ejecting. Comes with a custom triple crown holster from troy with a speed cut added. THE Mike Cyrwus addes his stipple pattern to the grip and ive added a dawson thin front site. Trigger...
  6. 45recoil

    fs 2k xtreme .40 180g

    Just trying to get rid of these. $180 obo ftf at an okcgc match or around moore, norman, okc area.
  7. 45recoil

    uspsa okcgc 1/2/16

    Im guessing this match is still on? If so what time is setup today?
  8. 45recoil

    8LB jug WST

    $150, no shipping. Will be at okcgc tomorrow.
  9. 45recoil

    fs xtreme .40 180g

    Ive got 2k of these, looking to sell. Id like to get $100 per 1k. If you have a better offer worst i can say is no. Local only. Can meet at a match too. Never opened but if pics are required then i can post some later.
  10. 45recoil

    Samson Evo 15" free float

    Take off of my 3 gun rifle. Has one tiny bit of wear on area underneath where I posted up through a port. Other than that it is in great shape. Comes with rail attachments as well. Asking $140 local pick up. I'll be at uspsa @okcgc this saturday.
  11. 45recoil

    looking for taccom deuling deuces

    I seem to have misplaced a set of my taccom deuling deuces and wondered if i loaned them out or let someone use it at a match. Last 3 gun match i went to was the september one. Maybe I left it at the gun club? If youve seen this caddie please let his daddy worried. Also it wont have...
  12. 45recoil

    WTT Titegroup

    I have 2 x 1# bottles of TG, looking to trade for 2#s of... H110 or W296 I wont turn down 4198 if i can get it...kinda like Micah doesnt turn down the DUFF at a party. IF youve only got a 4# jug of the above powders Ill throw cash in to even the deal. Prefer to meet at a match. Im in no hurry...
  13. 45recoil

    Stippled the ol M2

    Decided to stipple my M2 to add that lil bit of extra grip that all us guys like :P Ran it today as it gradually got hotter. It totally made me shoot like a boss!!
  14. 45recoil

    FS AP customs L2/6 caddies

    I added another set of springs to assist in keeping the shells in place while still allowing easy release. No tek loks. $55 a piece or $100 for both. Local pickup south okc/moore area and possibly at a match. Will deliver on your dime. tek loks
  15. 45recoil

    Steel Challenge@ OKCGC photos

  16. 45recoil

    USPSA@H&H action pics

    lighting was tough but was able to get some decent one. Wes wins for best pic at this match. use them as contingency or pro pics
  17. 45recoil

    H&H after party at Peaks!

    Yall who attended the match are missing out on the after party...a goddamn magic show is going on with Abra Cadabra at the bar! Hes done tricks that would make Burk jealous.
  18. 45recoil

    USPSA@ PoncaCity

    I got what I could while it was relatively warm. As soon as it got hot as shit I stopped taking pics.
  19. 45recoil

    7.5.14 USPSA@OKCGC pics

    I couldn't get to everyone but I was able to snap a few good ones.
  20. 45recoil

    Jared Carpenter 2014 C-Point Tracker

    Lets kick the tires and light the fires!!!!!!!