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  1. KellyB

    H&H USPSA Indoor Match 10-27-19

    H&H USPSA Indoor Match this Sunday, Oct 27th, 2019. Register online to secure a spot, limited availability. Check in closes at 5:55 pm Sunday. See you there!
  2. KellyB

    H&H USPSA Aug 25, 2019 results

    Feegee & Bryan did a great job of coming up with movement stages within the boundaries of the indoor range. Thanks to all who came out to join us! See you next time!
  3. KellyB

    H&H Indoor Match Sunday 8-25-19

    H&H Indoor Match this Sunday 8-25-19. Register online to secure a spot, limited availability. Check in closes at 5:55 pm Sunday. See you there!
  4. KellyB

    H&H July 2019 USPSA results

    Great match, full house. A few new shooters, some who haven’t shot in a while & many familiar faces. Thanks to H&H for the 4 gift certificates to give out after the match. Thanks to those who helped set up & tear down. 2nd match of the re-launch & several things went smoother. We appreciate...
  5. KellyB

    H & H Indoor Match 7-28-19

    H&H USPSA Indoor Match Sunday, July 28th, 2019 Check in starts at 5:30 pm, ends at 6:00 pm. The front doors to the store will lock at 6:00 pm. 5 stages Approximately 150 round count One gun per participant. Register online until Sunday at 3:30. Due to a limited time allowed to hold the match...
  6. KellyB

    H&H USPSA Indoor Match 5-26-19

    H&H USPSA Indoor Match It’s back! ‪Sunday, May 26th, 2019‬ Check in ‪starts at 5:30 pm‬, ‪ends at 6:00 pm‬. Once the range bays are clear of customers, set up can begin. Rounds down range shortly after. Any help setting up, after match tear down and clean up would be greatly...
  7. KellyB

    Hunting & shooting stickers on vehicles

    The smash & grab car vandals are hard at in the State. I’ve been hearing about it for a couple of weeks but this article confirms it’s become a wide spread problem. It’s made me second guess where I would be willing to leave my vehicle or what I might leave in it...
  8. KellyB

    Steve Anderson USPSA Training, Feb 23-24, 2019

    We have arranged for Steve Anderson, USPSA GM and mastermind of “That Shooting Show” podcast, to come for a 2-day weekend training next February. 2 full days of training and dry fire tune up. This will be perfect timing right before shooting season gets in full swing. The training agenda is...
  9. KellyB

    Make Ready Pro Shop Veterans Day Discount

    Look what I just found! Great deal from the
  10. KellyB

    Chrono indoors?

    Is it possible to get a fairly accurate chrono reading from an indoor range? Like H&H. Set it up in a bay, no other activity & get a fairly accurate reading of making major pf, under or way over. I do understand certain atmosphere variables will change end results, like temperature, humidity...
  11. KellyB

    Brass headache

    In search of new brass for open competition gun. Trying to eliminate factors/excuses that could be causing issues. I’ve run into a warning on the starline brass that indicates “not recommended for near max or +p loads” I found some with precision delta but no description about...
  12. KellyB

    National Shooting Sports Month

    It’s National Shooting Sports Month! Get involved, introduce someone new to target shooting and enter the Trigger Time Sweepstakes for a chance to win AMAZING prizes. Enter the sweepstakes: #letsgoshooting National Shooting...
  13. KellyB

    Cleaning for open gun comp - carbon build up

    Looking for how to clean the comp on my open guns. Made the mistake of “googling it”. Saw all kinds of things: *dremel it lightly (umm, no) *ultrasonic cleaner machine *dentist tools to scratch it out (?scratch the finish?) *50-50 mix of hydrogen peroxide & vinegar *carb cleaner for a car...
  14. KellyB

    Once fired brass question

    I’m still new to reloading & trying to make sure I’m not missing something since I do not pick up & process brass...yet. Looking at buying some 9 mm once fired brass online. It says it’s “cleaned and sorted but otherwise unprocessed”. Other than needing the old primer removed, what...
  15. KellyB

    Custom Earplugs are coming back!

    A few have reached out to me recently to ask about the last custom earplug post. Good News! I received a message from OKC gun club today indicating Al & Linda Shackleford will be back to make them again. Make plans to get yours. They will be at the Shotgun Clubhouse on Thursday, July 26th...
  16. KellyB

    USSA USPSA 7-8-18

    From Chad Stanton Hello all, It's just about that time for some more USPSA at USSA coming up on July 8th. We will be starting early again at 0900 and signing in on Bay 12 between 0830 - 0900 with the match starting shortly after. We will be having 6-7 stages with a total round count at 160 if...
  17. KellyB

    OKC USPSA match 7-7-18

    The July USPSA match is this coming Saturday, July 7th Sign-in will start about 9:15, the match should be underway by 10. Match setup will be Friday afternoon starting about 1PM and help is always appreciated -- and needed. See announcement below for a great incentive. Online Registration is...
  18. KellyB

    Purchases from a store vs online

    Looking for some experienced input about purchasing a new gun online. The brick & mortar store front ordering one will take a while...8-12 weeks. But I found it online (in stock) at websites like: or Pros/cons one way or another? Things to watch out for...
  19. KellyB

    Custom made ear plugs

    Ear muff protection are great when it’s chilly outside. But during the summer, muffs are just too hot, so much sweat & heat. I love my molded ear protection. I usually have someone ask where I got mine. A good friend made mine for me a while back. I thought I would pass along the info of an...
  20. KellyB

    Combat Carbine April 21-22, 2018

    With all the new PCCs popping up at the matches, thought this might be of some interest to the Boomer Shooter crowd. Marshall Luton & his TDSA crew are offering a brand new course this Spring: Combat Carbine Check out the full description here: A...