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  1. Corey

    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    Wow, it has been a long time, My profile picture is actually from a big 3 gun match at Old Fort, we were all in the same squad. I sent a PM
  2. Corey

    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    Hey Feegee good to hear from you. I figured someone would have one tossed in the back of a safe, I forgot people here buy guns to shoot. Corey
  3. Corey

    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    Thanks CBR, at the moment her dad still has his Loki rifle, I just wanted to see if I could find a Loki for the name and uniqueness, because that is what she had. My daughter and son both have Boomer Shooter lowers all sequential numbers with mine :imsohappy:. It was with a AR built on a...
  4. Corey

    Grip: holding it wrong or size matters

    Great to see a 9 month update Late to the party but this this and this. When I started I had an okay grip at the start, then when I did a mag change I was all over the place, "My grip was different". A year later I finally went to TDSA I had several "Ha Haaa" moments. My brother and I totally...
  5. Corey

    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    Hey guys, I have not posted on here or shot with you, except for the occasional run n gun in a long time. I started out with a sidecocker AR built on a Loki receiver, I had bought two sequential receivers at that time. I sold the rifle to my assistant softball coach back in 2012, a couple...
  6. Corey


    I used to wonder how a lighter/ shorter version of Rolling Thunder would work. Years ago I took a machine shop class and made 4 comps, first was a duplicate of rolling thunder, second was shorter with two horizontal holes, both holes were the same size as the larger diameter hole on the Rolling...
  7. Corey

    280 Remington 7600 Distance

    I just plugged the initial numbers in more for my curiosity, I am sure OP corrected problem back during hunting season. I was impressed that the OP tried to find his 300 & 400 yd drops in the field.
  8. Corey

    280 Remington 7600 Distance

    From shooting long range I have learned to gather your data points and adjust your velocity so the ballistic app "matches" the real life data. Bill I was trying to say Senario 1 in the ballistics app inorder for a +1.5 inch zero at 100 yds the MV would be 987 in order to drop 32" @ 300 yds &...
  9. Corey

    280 Remington 7600 Distance

    Old post but... I ran this through Shooter app. If hundred yards dope is correct muzzle velocity would be 987 fps. If I plug in the 300 yd dope then 100 yd is about 7 inches low & 400 yd would be -52 inch drop. I am sure you figured this out already but I would recheck your 100 yd zero...
  10. Corey

    30-30 or 308 for young hunter?

    If you already had a 308 I would say go with it, but the advice above is solid I would go 243. The 243 will do anything the 308 can do with less recoil, which is great for a knew shooter. Kirk & Dennis gave great reasons for the 243. Another side note in long range shooting, the current trend...
  11. Corey

    Vertical Fore Grip/Barricade Support

    Double posted
  12. Corey

    Vertical Fore Grip/Barricade Support

    When Jesse says he went balls deep in a barricade, now we will have a better understanding of what he meant.
  13. Corey

    [No] Training before you carry

    If the guy had folding lawn chairs in his living room then we may have had the same instructor, but I just wanted a license, I was not worried about content.
  14. Corey

    what do you do when you dq?

    This is what I did many years ago after dq'ing on the first stage of the day, but if I hadn't
  15. Corey

    Does it matter where I put the barrel clamp?

    Tks Tony for that piece of info, even tho I have not fired the shotgun in a year. I wonder what percentage of shooters have read #6 0.0001% or less. I know one person (not me lol)that shot 3 gun for a year before he knew to trim the spring. He just knew one less slug would fit compared to...
  16. Corey

    CZ 75 Shadow Line

    Bump for rchass, bought a Glock from him last summer he takes very good care of his equipment.
  17. Corey

    9mm bulged brass

    This thread is two years old but when I saw a JMorris post I thought hell yeah what has this man invented now. Edit: then I scrolled up & realized JMorris has already been there done that.
  18. Corey

    2 X ARFX stocks

    I will take the second one
  19. Corey

    Benchmade 950 Rift

    I was looking for something tactical
  20. Corey

    New Vortex 1-6X

    this ^ good job Tony, I was way to wordy