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  1. 300BLKAAC

    WTB Internal Frame Pack

    As the title implies I am looking for a used internal frame backpack between 60 and 70 liters, with external dimensions that are no larger than 62 linear inches or relatively close to 62 linear inches. I will consider new and used packs of recent and more vintage manufacture (nothing older than...
  2. 300BLKAAC


    Made a trade with the man my 40 ammo for his 9mm ammmo . He is a good man to deal with
  3. 300BLKAAC

    Ammo and Mags

    I have 300 rounds of Winchester 40 S&W ammunition I cannot use. 200 rounds of ball and 100 rounds of 180 grain hollow point. I would like $200 FTF in Oklahoma , I will trade for a used Suunto Ambit 2 , or another training watch depending on what make and model it is. I will also would be happy...
  4. 300BLKAAC

    WTS /WTT AR15

    I have a Bushmaster AR15 rifle with a 20 inch 1 in 7 Colt HBAR upper 5.56 chamber, Troy 13 inch Free Float Rail, Arms Riser with BUIS and a RRA two stage NM trigger. This rifle is very accurate with 75 grain bullets. The barrel is in great shape and has lots of life. I do have the upper for...
  5. 300BLKAAC

    WTS/WTT Colt HBAR Upper

    I decided to go back to a KISS upper and would like to sell my Colt HBAR flat top . 1 in 7 5.56 chamber Colt HBAR Upper includes BCG and CH, Troy 13 inch rail, flash hider and ARMS riser with built in BUIS. The upper has had approximately 2000 rounds though it in all the years I have...
  6. 300BLKAAC

    Bulgarian Circle 10 30 round 5.56 Magazine

    I have one of these Burgarian Circle 10 30 round magazines in 5.56 that was left over after I got rid of my Saiga. $50 shipped to your door. USPS priority with delivery confirmation Discrete Paypal Gift accepted.
  7. 300BLKAAC

    USGI Flashlights

    I got a great deal on these but ended up with more than we needed for the camping trip. You get 6 for 60 shipped via USPS do the math and you will find out thats cheap. Paypal only gift or add 2.5% 24 for sale thats 4 lots of 6. I really do not want to mess with shipping a...
  8. 300BLKAAC

    WTS 303 hand loading components brass, bullets and dies

    I have a quantity of once fired boxer primed 303 brass for sale along with a set of Lee dies and a Lee factory crimp die. Also included is a box of 180 grain Sierra bullets. There is a total of 500 rounds of boxer primed brass that I bought and have never used . It was sold to me as once...
  9. 300BLKAAC

    WTS 9 M1 Garand Repack Kits.

    I have 9 M1 Garand repack kits , each kit has 1 bandoleer, 6 cardboards, and 6 en bloc clips. All 9 kits $150 shipped USPS priority mail . I will not sell the kits individually, its just not worth my time. These are surplus to my needs hence the sale of them. If you desire insurance , then...
  10. 300BLKAAC

    WTS Norinco 223 AK Magazine

    Norinco 223 AK magazine from back when I used to own one of the Norinco 223 AK rifles several years ago. I thought I had sold all of these magazines a long time ago and cam across this one this morning while I I was looking for something else. $80 shipped with a tracking number. You are...
  11. 300BLKAAC

    WTS AK74 leftover parts.

    Mix of Russian and Bulgarian AK74 parts. two ribbed AK74 top covers one which appears to have cyrillic prefix before the serial number the other has serial number only. one AK74 recoil spring assy. Not sure if it is Bulgarian or Russian as they both are identical. one chrome lined AK74...
  12. 300BLKAAC

    WTS Saiga 223 Rifle

    Rifle Pending Sale. I have a Saiga 223 rifle for sale that I was doing a conversion on and I need to sell it because I do not have the time or money to complete. The rifle has the 7 required US Parts. which are as follows, KVAR black warsaw pact length stock set (hand guards, pistol grip and...
  13. 300BLKAAC

    Trimble TDC 1 GPS

    This is a Trimble TDC1 GPS System, I believe that it is used in surveying work; The handheld unit powers up and the menus can be navigated with the keypad , the GPS Dome and Receiver is included and there are several cables. I did a little bit of looking around and know these can vary in price...
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    Conducted a trade with Fleche everything went smoothly, the man is good to go. I highly recommend and would do business with him again in the future. A+
  15. 300BLKAAC

    WTS/WTT Russian Makarov

    I would like to sell my Russian Makarov in .380 the gun comes with a spare magazine when I bought it , it only had one magazine and I wanted a spare so I purchased an additional one around the same time. I have only shot this gun 16 times since aquiring it. In fact you would be hard pressed to...
  16. 300BLKAAC

    WTS/WTT AR Parts

    I have some things I need to get rid of primarily for cash some trades noted where they are accepted. All the AR components are part of a precision DMR style rifle I built and owned for several years, I am not really shooting the rifle all that much and want to go a different direction, I...
  17. 300BLKAAC

    WTT The Bolt Action Rifle A Design Analysis Two Volume Cased Set by Stuart Otterson

    I have my copy of the Bolt Action Rifle A Design Analysis by Stuart Otterson for sale or trade. I would honestly prefer to trade but will take cash assuming no one has anything I am needing and wants to buy the set outright. A brief description about the books. They are considered quite rare...
  18. 300BLKAAC

    WTS Breakers and Other Electrical Components

    Hello I have the following used breakers I would like to sell. Please see the list and the attached photos. The images were shot with my phone so they are not the best quality $600 for everything or best reasonable offer DO NOT BE SHY all reasonable offers to buy or trade will be considered...
  19. 300BLKAAC

    WTS Springfield Armory M6 Scout Scope

    I have a nice condition Springfield Armory M6 Scout Scope in 2.5x20 power. It comes with the rings you see it mounted it. It has one scratch on the elevation cap. Springfield Armory no longer offers these for sale since they stopped selling the M6 Scout rifle several years ago. I have used this...
  20. 300BLKAAC

    WTT Rifles (AR and SKS) for Car in Okla Only.

    I really do not want to do it but I need a car and right now funds are short. I would like to trade couple of my rifles for a vehicle . Like I said both rifles for a vehicle , I am not really interested in other trades and I do not want to deal with out of state people. I am not interested in...