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    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    Wasn't able to find it. I guess it was wishful thinking that I had an extra one. I really need to dust off all my stuff and shoot a match again sometime to see if I even remember how to shoot! :sarcastic:
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    Oklahoma UML @ The Mound June 2018

    Where is The Mound? Thinking about dusting some of my guns off for once :whistle:
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    Looking for a Loki Lower receiver

    I may have a Loki lower at the house.. Will have to dig through some of my parts and other stuff. I still shoot my Loki rifle.. Man I love that thing.
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    Lake Tenkiller bass fishing

    I'm still around and I lurk on here every now and again. Mom's doing well. just working just the same as me. Really miss shooting sometimes and being around everyone.
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    Lake Tenkiller bass fishing

    Been awhile since I've been on here.. traded the range for a lake since then.. been doing a lot of tournament fishing in SE Oklahoma and North Texas. I've got a High School State championship on Tenkiller the last weekend of this month and haven't even been on the lake. Any good spots y'all want...
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    New to shooting

    Just never go full retard. :crazy:
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    My New AR - Sights?

    I would recommend the Vortex Sparc or any Eotech.
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    New in box JP-15

    First chambers and now Burki...
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    For sale Ruger SR1911 Comander BNIB

    Price drop 600$ shipped
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    FS -12ga. Benelli Vinci

    Smoking deal!
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    New guy want to just say hi..

    Welcome to the party!
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    Pros and cons of BDC reticle?

    I have Vortex HD 1-6x with the JM reticle! I'm sighted in at 200 and my hash marks work as 100 yard increments. I find it easier to go by that than then having a bunch of hash marks. The MIL reticle is a tad to busy for me also. I would recommend the BDC for sure!
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    For sale Ruger SR1911 Comander BNIB

    Original 1911 Series 70 design. Hardwood grips and checkered backstrap. CNC machined. Stainless steel barrel and bushing are produced from the same bar stock on the same machine for improved accuracy. Positive barrel lock-up. Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release. Lightweight...
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    How far will you travel for a monthly 3gun?

    I guess I could make the ten minute trek... I'm in.
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    Stipple work

    He's my idol.
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    Scoring preference and why?

    Although Time + does reward the consistent shooter.
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    Scoring preference and why?

    I'll still stand by points. I think it's superior to time. One mess up and you're done. Let's say you have a five stage match with each stage about 40 seconds. You have a malfunction on your pistol that costs you 20 seconds. No instead of a 2:40 match time you're at 3:00. You can look at 3GN...
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    Scoring preference and why?

    I think points is a better way to score a match. With just a straight time match if you have one thing happen to you you're out of the match right then. With a points match if you have a mess up or two it will even out more over the entire match. So shooters can make a mistake or two and still...
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    How would you describe your shooting style?

    Consistently inconsistent.
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    USSA July 6th 3-Gun Club Match

    Had a great time and a great squad!