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    Lake Tenkiller bass fishing

    Been awhile since I've been on here.. traded the range for a lake since then.. been doing a lot of tournament fishing in SE Oklahoma and North Texas. I've got a High School State championship on Tenkiller the last weekend of this month and haven't even been on the lake. Any good spots y'all want...
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    For sale Ruger SR1911 Comander BNIB

    Original 1911 Series 70 design. Hardwood grips and checkered backstrap. CNC machined. Stainless steel barrel and bushing are produced from the same bar stock on the same machine for improved accuracy. Positive barrel lock-up. Oversized ejection port and extended magazine release. Lightweight...
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    Warne Cert for 1 A645 side rail.

    I have a Cert for one A645 side rail. Valued at $62.45 yours for $40.00.
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    Olympic Arms .223 WSSM

    Olympic Arms .223 WSSM. Custom Camo dura coat Paint Job. Trigger Guard ear is broken going into the receiver but is still there just wiggles. The second Photo shows it. Asking $700 shipped.
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    For Sale Silencer Co suppressor Cert.

    I have a Certifcate for any suppressor Silencer Co makes through Reaper Arms. Asking $900 Text or call (580)-927-6372 or just PM. KNOW YOUR STATE LAWS. Won't ship to states that don't allow suppressors.
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    Phil Robertson suspended from A&E's Duck Dynasty.

    Seems like freedom of speech doesn't matter anymore!
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    Happy birthday to Micheal Chambers and Brandon Dubois!

    Just thought I would make it forum official.
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    Anybody see any bucks lately?

    I spotted five yesterday in a group. One nice sized one stood out of the bunch very encouraging!
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    Show me your limited gun!

    Like the title says post some pictures of your limited gun.
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    Which configuration is better?

    I'm about to get a custom pistol built and was wondering what is the best for three gun. 5inch or a 6inch. Full dust cover or short?!?
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    Get at me Burki! I know I have 2 matches in but I thought it was funny!
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    I'm part of the M2 Crew!

    I got a new Triangle shooting sports M2!! It's Awesome!! Sorry for photo quality!!
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    Kurt Miller should be unbanned.

    If you agree with this post in if you agree.
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    Possible assualt weapon ban. We can not let this happen to this country. It's not the gun that killed those children it's the man! Let's not forget about Mcviegh in Oklahoma city he killed 18 children under six! You can still...
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    High junior at the Arkansas multi gun sectional.

    Just thought i would share..
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    deer season tommorow!

    Im ready!
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    who is ready for deer season?

    What are your preparations and plans?
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    Who is going to ProAm at USSA tommorow?

    Just want to know!
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    Who is going to ProAm at USSA tommorow?

    Just want to know!
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    Who is going to 3MR Tommorow?

    Just wondering.