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    First Match Using Stoeger 3K 3-Gun

    For anyone interested in how the Stoeger 3K 3-Gun runs. I bought the 3K 3-Gun as a backup shotgun for two-gun and three-gun. The only things I did to it was a quick cleaning and adding a Nordic extension (running 10 + 1). We had a two-gun match today (brutally hot in the Midwest today). We had...
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    What is a good score for Stage 3 Classifier?

    I shot the IDPA classifier for the first time (also first outing with my new STI Marauder) tonight. On Stage 3 my total time for the 3 strings was 41.xx seconds (something like 17, 18, and 5.5 seconds each for time) and I had +13 added (no missed target shots, just a few shots out of Down 0...
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    Competitive Match Skills Help You Survive?

    Picked up latest Ballistic magazine today. There is an article "Can Match Skills Help You Survive?" A "Round Table" of experts (as classified by the magazine) answered the question (followed by justification/explanation). Massad Ayoob "Yes, for the better", William Bell "Yes", Shane Coley...
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    Iowa Boomer Just Joined

    Howdy everyone. I ran across this forum while searching for some information on shotgun tweaking for 3-Gun. I live in the Midwest, am a boomer, and like to shoot matches. I was reading a few older posts and especially liked the "Why no IDPA?" thread. I've owned guns and shot since I was a kid...