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    Put a bullet in my finger

    Got a little carried away tonight while cranking away on the press and decided to use the bottom of my middle knuckle as the bullet seating die. Just a reminder for everyone out there to slow down and pay attention to what you are doing and if it gets to the point of monotony step away for a few...
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    Custom Handguards

    I found a company last night that seems to have some cool options for handguards. Basically looks like they will machine whatever you want into a free float tube. Pretty cool stuff. Now I just have to decide if I want an eagle with the Molon Labe on the handguard or a bunch of bear tracks going...
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    Olympic Arms AR15

    Did you wait to long? Maybe your a democrat that didn't think another weapons ban was really possible? Perhaps you even voted for Obama. Well don't worry friend I have what you need right here. While you will always be stuck with your buyers remorse and constantly constantly kicking your own...
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    Molle gear

    ATAS ![/media]
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    Gene Sears

    I was killing time today waiting for the inlaws to get back with the kiddo and decided to go check out Gene Sears gun shop in El Reno. I went in looking thinking I need a O/U as I have been a little jealous of the wifes. What I got was way more than I bargained for. While looking at what I...
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    Don't chaffe at the range or during a hunt anymore.

    Okay pretty off topic but in this heat I figured some of yall may appreciate this while at the range, playing 3gun allstars or getting ready for the hunting season coming up quick. This stuff rocks I have been using it at work for the past 2 months...
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    $1200 1911 opinions

    The BIL is looking to get a 1911 and wanted me to give hime some advice. Since I know very little about 1911's I thought I would ask you all. He was looking at the kimbers and colts. He wants a 3 or 4 inch barrel and hates the idea of having a 9mm. his price range is 700-1200. I said i...
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    Have to brag

    No real discussion here, just going to brag about an awesome day. About 4:30 in the morning one of my BIL's came by the house to see if I still wanted to go hog hunting. So me, him, his girlfriend, and the FIL went out. We didn't see anything but did get a good idea of where to start next...
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    hog hunt

    Alright guys, I have decided that this week while I am on vacation I am going to do something that I have always wanted to do. I am going hog hunting. I was hoping some of yall could give me a few tips or advice. I have to tell you that the only hunt I have ever been on was shooting dove so I...
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    The wife got a new shotty

    Today was a great day. I figured i was ready to go spend some of those Heartland match gift certificates so i went shopping. I went with the sole intention of picking up night sights for the m&p and several mags. well when i walked in the guy that greated me said no mags and no sights for the...
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    According to my wife.....

    I'm a douche. today i bought some new glass for her rifle (she doesnt know this yet). after playing with it for a while i like it better than what i have on mine. so i tried to offer her the optics setup off of my rifle to her so that she wouldn't have to "learn a new setup." and i would just...
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    $99 AR Barrel

    i found a new to me source for cheap AR barrels. they dont seem to be anything special with no chrome lining and the finish is fairly thin but hopefully will go nice in my wifes super cheap build/ or work as a truck gun for some. once the loki uppers are here i will post back on their accuracy...
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    Page selection for mobile site

    i have a request.....obviously. is there any way to give us mobile users the ability to go directly to the page of our choice. We have so many great threads like the show your AR and the different group buys that it just kinda sucks having to go through each page to see the latest post...
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    Bayou Bullets

    Now that you guys have had a chance to shoot them how do you like them for reloading? They go pretty smooth? also how bad is the barrel after shooting them? I get tired of all the lead fouling from lead bullets and the fear of lead getting into the house and onto my kiddos toys is enough to...
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    I got scolded the other day

    Just thought I would share. I got scolded the other day at the OKC gunshow because my CCW was dirty. Lesson learned. If you don't want a cop lecturing you on how to keep your gun either leave it in the truck with the ammo or shine that puppy before you leave the house.
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    dissipator barrel

    okay yall, any one know anything about dissipator barrels? I am wanting to get one for the wifes ar build. I have found that delton makes one but they only have a heavy barrel option I am hoping i can find one with a pencil barrel if anyone knows anything please let me know. also from what I...
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    anybody awake in stillwater right now

    I have a guy freaking me out
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    Taymoor Spotted in MO

    saw that you made the news Taymoor, congrats,0,2480211.story
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    Hydro-Dip a comp

    Any of you all know about hydro-dipping a compensator? If so how will the grafics hold up to shooting? I am about to get the wife a SJC titan comp and want to get it dipped, but I dont want to waste money if it wont last
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    Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake

    Okay I am looking for lots of info on the Tromix Shark Muzzle Brake. First thing I need to know is has anybody used one, and also do you guys know anywhere I can get one? I know that there are better brakes out there but this thing will look top notch on the wifes build, I think.