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  1. WinchesterModel12

    Pawn Shop Burglary

    Here is a list of firearms stolen from Circle D Pawn left to right is make,model, SN# and caliber. Rumor is that they are being sold in face to face transactions. BURGLARY 12/20/2013 Circle D Pawn, Shawnee, OK Call Shawnee Police (405) 273-2121 Luger P38 6042bac44 38 Charter 2000 45772 22...
  2. WinchesterModel12

    Trap shooting tips?

    My daughter joined the trap shooting team at school. I have never shot trap and can not give good advice for her. Any tips or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.
  3. WinchesterModel12

    Winchester model 94 scope mount

    I am looking for a side scope mount for a top eject Winchester model 94. Reproduction is fine.
  4. WinchesterModel12

    My first Oklahoma buck in about 29 years

    I recently moved back to OK after being gone for many years. Here is a pic of a nice buck I took with a nice double lung shot at about 25 yards and the arrow passed right through. He has an abnormal eye guard that has many small points coming off of it, total of 17 points. I took him about...
  5. WinchesterModel12

    Gunsmith near Chandler?

    I am looking for a Gunsmith near Chandler, and need recommendations for a good place to go. I have a Winchester model 100 .308 that needs the extractor kit installed. I ordered the parts and they should be here soon. Thanks in advance.
  6. WinchesterModel12

    Hunting area around Chandler?

    I am looking for a hunting area around Chandler. Anybody want to let me hunt on their land? I can help you work on your land if needed. I always pack out what I pack in. I never leave a mess.
  7. WinchesterModel12

    Just saying "HI"

    I just moved here to OK from Washington state. I am an active shooter, hunter, reloader and 2A rights advocate.