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  1. Marks45ACP

    M&P Shield 9mm

    PM sent
  2. Marks45ACP

    MP trigger upgrades

    Tony Wall can get you all the apex stuff...I have the carry kit in mine.
  3. Marks45ACP

    Fishing Lake Hefner?

    Thanks for the advice guys! Thinking of trying the Overholster canal this weekend!
  4. Marks45ACP

    Fishing Lake Hefner?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience fishing lake Hefner? I recently moved closer and have never fished it before. I would be fishing from the bank mostly with artificial lures...I like catching anything I usually don't keep much.
  5. Marks45ACP

    AR build help

    Check with Tony Wall...
  6. Marks45ACP

    Finished my build today!

    Great job love the cerakote I want to try that some day!
  7. Marks45ACP

    Mitsubishi 52" DLP

  8. Marks45ACP

    Hot damn!

    That's bad ass!
  9. Marks45ACP

    Wtb glock 17 or 34

    Check with sooner state pawn.
  10. Marks45ACP

    another school shooting

    Shotgun ban next...
  11. Marks45ACP

    BoomerShooter Build

  12. Marks45ACP

    Tula 223 Ammo @ Sportsmans Depot

    Missed that...not sure how since its in big bold letters right in front of my face.
  13. Marks45ACP

    Tula 223 Ammo @ Sportsmans Depot

    Check the shipping costs - I put in 10 boxes and it was going to charge me $100 just for shipping!
  14. Marks45ACP

    Finally Got an AR!

  15. Marks45ACP

    Taurus Judge 410/.45 Colt

    PM Sent
  16. Marks45ACP

    Interesting twist to stand your ground laws

    This is interesting - my sister lives near Woodward out in the country and she was home alone one evening when cops came busting in through their back door because they had the wrong address - could have been a bad situation, her husband has a lot of guns. She was pretty shaken up - they had...
  17. Marks45ACP


    Another great transaction with Tony - ordered some parts for me Wednesday evening and I had them in my hands Friday evening! Thanks again!