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  1. CBR

    Congratulations and No You May Not

    Congratulations to local shooter, Roy Mercer, on his winning of Brownell's AR-15 and grenade launcher. The "No you may not" statement refers to what he will be told when he asks if he can run it in the next 3-Gun match. Link to story...
  2. CBR

    Oklahoma City CRO Class

    The world needs more CRO's. With a reply here or direct message, how many RO's would be interested in a CRO class towards the end of the year?
  3. CBR

    Ghost Mag Pouches

    Everything you see for $40 local. Add shipping otherwise.
  4. CBR

    Dick's Non-Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy

    For those of us that actively choose where to spend, or not spend, our hard earned money, I have a new one to add to the list. Was trying on some clothes at Golf Galaxy in OKC and in the dressing room was a flyer for a points program with, wait for it...Dick's Sporting Goods! Oh, hell no. I...
  5. CBR

    FS - Leupold DPP 7.5 NIB

    New in box Leupold DPP 7.5. $380 shipped CONUS. PayPal friend or Money Order
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    Max Michel Training @ 2019 Oklahoma Section

    I'm proud to announce that the Max Michel Training Academy will be at the Oklahoma Section Championship Match for the 3rd consecutive year in 2019. Max will lead ten participants through an intensive one-day training class on Thursday then shoot the match on Friday with the class. Participants...
  7. CBR

    FS - Low Mileage Dillon Super 1050 Package

    Dillon Super 1050 purchased 12/2017 38SC Conversion 9mm Conversion Additional toolhead Mr. Bullet Feeder Reloading Innovations lighting system Reloading Innovations premium 1050 bearing kit $2,260.00 shipped CONUS
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    FS - Leupold Delta Point Pro Reflex Dot Sight (Matte, 2.5 MOA)

    For sale. Very slightly used Leopold DPP 2.5 MOA. $315 local (OKC) or shipped.
  9. CBR

    Range Officer Class in Oklahoma - Gauging Interest

    It's been a while since we've held a USPSA Range Officer class in Oklahoma. I've seen many new faces continue to show up for matches and membership is growing. One of the best ways to really know how to play this sport is to sit and qualify for the Range Officer designation. Respond to this...
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    Constitutional carry Act

    Call Mary Fallin's office today, folks. 405-521-2342 then press 2 to speak to her assistant. Politely ask that she sign HB 1212 for Constitutional carry. The assistants are literally keeping a tally of the pro and con phone calls.
  11. CBR

    Train with Max Michel

    Train with Max Michel then shoot the USPSA Oklahoma Section Match together - Advanced Skills class on Thursday, May 10th then Friday, May 11th class shoots the match as a squad - Listen and watch Max break down a stage then tear it up - Get immediate feedback on your performance - Class is...
  12. CBR

    JP $50 Certificate

    Free to the 1st person that can reply with the 44th word in the Declaration of Independence.
  13. CBR

    FS - Safariland ELS-KIT

    Need to relieve myself of 5 unopened packages with all hardware and 6 open packages without hardware. $20 each for unopened and $10 each for open pairs. Local OKC or shipping on buyer in small flat rate box.
  14. CBR

    Max Michel class at 2017 Oklahoma Section

    -- Three of ten slots are still available -- One day class on Thursday, October 19, then shoot the Oklahoma Section match with Max as a squad on Friday. Cost is $500 per attendee. Maximum of 10 in class. Speak up quickly if you want to attend.
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    FS - Prize Table Items

    Guga Ribas Competition Belt - Waist Size 34"-36" - $40.00 Sold - Guga Ribas C-More Scope Protector Red - $20.00 Cash or PayPal gift. Shipping additional
  16. CBR

    FS - Lights and Fans

    $100 for all. All fixtures work properly and MAY be installed by local sparkies at buyers expense. References upon request. No splitsies. You pick 'em up.
  17. CBR

    WTB - 650 Conversion - 45ACP

    WTB - 650 Conversion - 45ACP
  18. CBR

    FS - Precision Delta 9mm 124gr JHP

    984 count Precision Delta 124gr JHP bullets. $95 face to face OKC or add $13.45 USPS flat rate box shipping.
  19. CBR

    More Furniture

    Kitchen dining table, chairs and benches. Table height is 36". Additional chair and bench not shown. Yes, there are a few nicks and scratches. This is going to become a bidding war so I'll start the bidding at $150.00. Bidding stops at first person to show up with $150.00. North Edmond...
  20. CBR

    FS - Furniture you sit on, not "Furniture"

    Momma got new things and these must go. Leather Recliners $150 each. Pick up only. Leather Sofa $300. Pick up only