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  1. Rockon71385

    Glock 34 - Preferably set up for Production

    I'm in the market for used Glock 34, preferably one that's set up and ready to run in production. If you've got a holster and mags for it, all the better. I would consider a 17 or 17L with the right deal. Thanks!
  2. Rockon71385

    Top Shot Event - Sunday 11/18 - Hosted by OSU Shooting Team and ROTC

    Some of the ROTC cadets on the shooting team are organizing a shooting competition and fundraiser. I don't know a lot about it, but wanted to put the word out. There will be four different stages(practical pistol, rifle, speed shooting, and axe throwing) and all guns and ammo will be provided...
  3. Rockon71385

    OSU Practical Shooting Team - T-shirts and Sponsorship Opportunities

    The OSU Practical Shooting team is selling t-shirts and accepting sponsorship from businesses at the rates listed in the flyer below. This fundraiser is primarily to fund the purchase of a trailer. We've had a lot of equipment donated in recent years(much of which we owe to the boomershooter...
  4. Rockon71385

    OSU Practical Shooting Team Placed 4th at SASP Nationals

    We took a team of shooters down the Talladega last weekend to compete in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program's collegiate nationals match. It's essentially a version of steel challenge where everyone starts from a low ready position. We beat all the teams in our division except for two...
  5. Rockon71385

    Trump goes Pro Gun Control

    It was only a matter of time and circumstance. Anyone that thought Donald Trump would stand up for gun rights in the face of political pressure should have had their head checked. The guy was a democrat all through the 90's and even if he calls himself a conservative now, he's a New Yorker...
  6. Rockon71385

    Idiotic Guns

    I was watching the Netflix show "Dope" and they were interviewing a black market gun dealer from inner city chicago. He showed off this badass, highly accurized Glock 19, and I felt like it would be fun to start a thread for images and videos of gun that people have ruined by doing idiotic mods...
  7. Rockon71385

    USPSA at USSA - Sunday 12/10 - Classifier Match

    From Chad: USPSA Match Announcement If you're not classified or are wanting to get classified in a different division, now is the time! For December we are going to have 4 Classifiers and 3-4 field courses with a minimum round count of 160-175. Classifiers will be posted, along with the...
  8. Rockon71385

    Versatile Red Dot

    I'm looking for the red dot equivalent of a swiss army knife. My budget is about $250, so I'm not looking for anything fancy, and I realize that I'm not going to get premium quality for that price. I'm not looking to compete seriously with it, just to tinker a little bit and find out whether I...
  9. Rockon71385

    Odin Extended Mag Release for PCC

    I have an Odin XGMR-1 billet aluminum extended mag release for New Frontier style lowers. Googling suggests these go for $30 new. Let's say $20 ftf, but if you can use it, make me an offer.
  10. Rockon71385

    Dry Fire Training - The basics

    This post is intended to be a super-simple and to the point introduction to dry fire training for new shooters who want to improve Why Dry Fire? The single biggest factor that determines which shooters improve their skills and which ones don't is time spent training. If you train, you will...
  11. Rockon71385

    Glock Certificate - SOLD

    I picked up a cert from a friend after a GSSF match last spring. I was going to order a G17 for carry optics, but right now I need some 147gr bullets more. Cert gets you a Gen3 17,19, 26, 22, 23, 27, 31, 32, or 33 with no upcharge. Most other models are available for an added charge. Just...
  12. Rockon71385

    Options for Rimfire Rifles

    Several of the kids on the OSU team are interested in competing in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program league, which is basically steel challenge. I've never competed with any kind of rimfire gun so I'm trying to find out what kind of equipment they need to be competitive. It doesn't need...
  13. Rockon71385

    Holsters, Mag Pouches, and Belts

    Holsters, Mag Pouches, and Belts for Competition Holsters When you’re starting out, a simple kydex holster is always the best option. There are several companies that make good versions. Personally, I prefer a holster with a drop-offset configuration, which means it sits lower and an inch...
  14. Rockon71385

    WTB - USED Holsters, Mag Pouches, and Belts

    I am trying to assemble a few holster rigs for the OSU Practical Shooting team to use as loaners for kids who show up with a gun but don't have any of the other equipment they need to participate. This is a regular occurrence at our weekly practices. We don't need fancy or new gear, and I'm...
  15. Rockon71385

    Team Calendar

    Here is a link to the google calendar for shooting team events. If you're attending an event as a member of the shooting team and would like to have it added to the calendar so others will join you, just message me or contact any other officer...
  16. Rockon71385

    Local Match Information

    Here is a link to the calendar thread containing all of the local match dates:
  17. Rockon71385

    Glock 34 - Gen 3, Totally Stock

    I've got one too many Glocks and need to free up some funds. I bought this to use as a backup production gun, but so far it's only been used as a loaner for kids on the OSU shooting team who don't have their own guns. It's in excellent shape, and I estimate the round count to be around 2,000...
  18. Rockon71385

    Plastic 55 Gallon Water Drums - Need them for stage props

    I'm looking for a source for some plastic 55 gallon drums, preferably the kind without a removable lid. The OSU shooting team needs to get some of these to use as vision barriers for training. I've found them on craigslist for $20 a piece. If anybody has some they would like to sell or knows...
  19. Rockon71385

    Built a 3D model of my 550 for CAD Class

    Some of you guys may find this interesting. For the final project in my Industrial CAD class, I disassembled my 550, measured every part dimension imaginable with calipers, then built a 3D model in solidworks. Here's a short video...
  20. Rockon71385

    Overall Handgun Match Results

    I'd like to see a feature on Practiscore that would allow you to see overall match results with PCC removed from the match. I'm not saying we should replace the current overall report, just to add another option. I e-mailed them suggesting it today, and I'm curious to know if anybody else...