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  1. Dux-R-Us

    AMERC brass strikes again

    somewhere I picked up a couple AMERC pieces of 9mm brass. They caused a real headache; jammed pistol. You can see the AMERC brass (left) is undersized because the 147 gr bullet bulged it when seated. The other round is a "normal" FC case. So I am checking all my brass very carefully now for...
  2. Dux-R-Us

    Stillwater Armory - closed

    I am sad :crying:
  3. Dux-R-Us

    free shipping at powder valley

    I just got an email from them for free shipping on orders over $150, excludes shot and wads
  4. Dux-R-Us

    1911 Gunsmith recommendation

    prefer someone local OK. wanting a trigger job and replacing front sight. I watched Mr. Dawson's video on how easy it was to replace a 1911 front sight (at least for him). I have a hard time hanging a picture. thanks k
  5. Dux-R-Us

    45 ACP brass - good price

    check out seller Billy507 on I paid $0.0505 per unit including shipping costs. Very clean brass and no small primers.
  6. Dux-R-Us

    I'm Selling "Big Bertha" If you're in need of killing something big, my 375 H&H Mag is available. you don't have to go through Gunbroker to close the deal with me. Ammo is gratis. Tally ho!
  7. Dux-R-Us

    Equip 2 Conceal - they offer CC training Thoughts/comments on this company? I answered an announcement for employment as "Firearms Instructor". They seemed keen to hire me. The HR person said their company previously operated in OK, but that was some years ago. They want to expand into the state again...
  8. Dux-R-Us

    Taurus PT709 Slim, 9mm

    Everything for $220 Taurus PT709 Slim Blue, 9mm 3 magazines with grip extensions (stock magazine base pads included) Kydex OWB holster 2 Kydex magazine pouches Leather IWB holster Manual and little useless tool thing This piece has been a reliable shooter. Selling to finance Dillon loader...
  9. Dux-R-Us

    9mm: 115 gr vs. 124 gr

    other than being able to reach Major PF, are there any significant advantages of 124 gr bullet over the 115 gr? thanks. k
  10. Dux-R-Us

    WTB holsters for S&W M&P

    Looking for some holsters for my new Smith M&P 2.0. (the 2.0 model will fit holsters made for the first generation pistol) A competition holster is first priority, ISWB and/or OSWB for concealed carry too. If you guys have any you no longer are using, please consider me. thanks! K
  11. Dux-R-Us

    Stag Arms Model 3 (AR-15 rifle)

    Stag Arms Model 3 Complete System $975 I am original owner. Purchased new Dec. 2014. No more than 2000 rounds fired. 5.56 mm 1/9 twist barrel Upgraded Rise Armament RA-140 SST trigger Upgraded BCM Gunfighter Ambidextrous charging handle (GFH Mod 44) Bushnell AR Optics AR/223 1-4X scope...
  12. Dux-R-Us

    bag him or wait one more year?

    Dennis, et al. What do you think? Of course we are meaning the buck on the right. At the house I want to let him go; perhaps he'll survive the gauntlet of hunters surrounding my 65 A parcel. But if/when I actually see him in person I might change my mind. I think I should decide now and...
  13. Dux-R-Us

    How old is this deer?

    2.5 or 3.5 YO, Dennis?? I'd like to see him grow one more year. Unfortunately the neighbors on all 3 sides of my farm will kill him in a heartbeat if he puts one foot in their pastures. Tally ho! K
  14. Dux-R-Us

    muzzle loader deer season- getting ready

    This was a dramatic improvement in accuracy of the round ball in a .50 Lyman Great Plains rifle I built. By changing the patch thickness and material, a 3 shot group went from 3 inches to less than one inch. I doubt it will matter much for hunting, except if I want to shoot squirrels and such.
  15. Dux-R-Us

    no more standing reloads?

    perhaps. maybe. My new purchase of the 2.0 offers hope. After shooting nothing but single stack for 6 years I can't wrap my brain around the thought of 17 rounds in a pistol at the same time. It was a great deal with the magazine, loader, and ammo offer. Thanks Stillwater Armory
  16. Dux-R-Us

    How do I contact Steve Baldwin?

    can somebody provide me with a phone no.? I don't think 405-241-5509 is correct. Thanks, Kevin
  17. Dux-R-Us

    Wilson Combat Mags. 1911, .45, 8 round

    6 Wilson Combat Mags. 1911, .45ACP, 8 round New risers and springs installed. I also have a set of longer pads. Make me a reasonable offer.
  18. Dux-R-Us

    Win. Model 70 XTR, .270 Win. Gun problem? Ammo problem?

    Several years ago I had perforated primers apparently from the firing pin and gun was taken to smith, but I don't recall the exact problem diagnosed. I think I posted the problem here but could'nt find a record. Don't know if that is related to what happened below. I Shot the rifle...
  19. Dux-R-Us

    EOTech 512.A65 with GG&G lens covers

    Edited For sale: EOTech 512.A65 Holographic sight with GG&G lens covers. Original Padded Box and instructions. $300 or make me an offer. A cosmetic scratch on housing. I mainly use my rifle for hunting and found this sight not to be best option.
  20. Dux-R-Us

    FS: 12 ga Tube extension and combat ammo strippers

    A Carlson’s Choke Tube Extension, 8 shot for Remington 870/ 1100/ Versa Max, a $60 value, yours for $40. (Tube, spring, barrel clamp) Two Choate Combat Speed Strippers (6-round), a $50 value, yours for $35 Please add $5 for mailing either item or the lot (or meet me in Stillwater)