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    OKC to Houston?

    Anybody making a drive from OKC to Houston anytime soon with a truck and an empty bed? I came across a good deal on a Ranch Hand bumper and need to get it here on the cheap!
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    Mark All As Read?

    I see each Tier 2 has a "Mark All Read" button but does the Tier 1 page have one? I'd like to clear all as read when I'm done browsing and adding silly comments so that I know whats new next time I come over. If it exists I apologize in advance.
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    Vortex Optics presents Shooters Source 3 Gun Championship: 7/15-7/17 2016

    Another awesome 3-Gun match in the great State of Texas! This range is spectacular and the guys putting it on are well known for being excellent hosts.
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    Comp-Tac Republic of Texas 2016 IDPA State Match

    May 14th at the Pacleb Ranch in Bellville, anybody else going? I will be an ARO on on of the stages as long as my knee lets me.
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    I was searching for better rifle drills and came across Jerry Miculek's V-Drill, essentially 5 targets placed in a V-pattern that forces you to transition. All in all it's 18 rounds of fun and I ran it with my optic and with my offset irons. Walking into it I thought the offsets would be...
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    X-Treme Bullets Texas 3-Gun Championship

    Anybody else planning on attending? I know many who shot this last year and said it was a great match. This will be my first major 3-gun match and I am pretty excited! I've shot a lot of club level in 3-gun but State level matches are always more interesting.
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    Dissident Arms 3-Gun - Navasota, Texas - Sunday 8/23

    Dissident is hosted another one of their awesome matches on Sunday the 23rd....bring water. Match starts: August 23, 2015 @ 9:00 AM · Match ends: August 23, 2015 @ 3:00 PM Location: CCC Shooting Complex is located...
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    Not so Boomer

    New on the site and looking forward to next year's Contingency Program, it looks like a very cool way to keep track of things and be part of a good group of folks. My Under Armour sponsorship is running out at the end of the year! I am from Magnolia, near Houston, Texas. I shoot IDPA out at...