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  1. Adam Striegel

    First gun for someone with small hands

    Been teaching my girl friend to shoot and she is really into it. I've got a full sized 1911 that she can group like a pro on, but her hands are too small and can barely reach the trigger. Also tried a sig p238,but it's so snappy she can hardly hit anything. Anyone got recommendations for a...
  2. Adam Striegel


    I have a basic 1911 with a clip on compensator. An I going to be able to hit the USPSA matches and have fun as a noob or will I be matched with a bunch of pros with tricked out kits?
  3. Adam Striegel

    Have to brag

    I've wanted a nice 1911 for years and finally ran across a used one in great condition for a good price. So I pulled the trigger and got it. This is probably my favorite gun out of all the ones I've ever owned. Ordered some nice dark wood grips I'm going to have laser etched. Can't wait to...
  4. Adam Striegel

    The best self defense ammo in the WORLD!

    I know it's subjective and depends on the caliber. I just bought a 1911 that I'm in love with and will be carrying around. I'm just curious what everyone uses as defense ammo and thier reasons for doing so. I've always used the Hornady Critical or duty ammo. I ran across the G2 Research RIP...
  5. Adam Striegel

    WTB: Ruger 10/22 used G36 stock

    Looking for one of these.
  6. Adam Striegel

    What's your fun gun?

    Which of your guns do you just love to shoot? I have a Ruger 10/22 with a 3-9/40 scope and bipod that I just love to shoot. I go out shoot as much as possible because it's just a fun gun to shoot and 22lr is still fairly cheap. To really give it a good look, I ordered one of those m1...
  7. Adam Striegel

    100 yard range?

    Aside from the OKC Gun Club, is there a pistol/rifle range close to Guthrie that has a 100 yard range?
  8. Adam Striegel

    Selling reloads?

    Thinking about selling some reloads small scale to help pay for my gun habits. Anyone have a link to explain the reload selling laws in Oklahoma? I know you at least need a Ffl on a federal level, but I've seen stories that Oklahoma passed a law excepting from federal laws as long as you...
  9. Adam Striegel

    Wanting to get back into ipsc.

    Shopping around for a good gun to get back into the ipsc matches. I never really wanted to compete all that much, I just think of it as a more interesting way to target shoot. :) Anyways I'm thinking about going with a springfield xd (used a glock 17) before. I think I was in the production...
  10. Adam Striegel


    I'm in the market for a 1911. I've got about $600 to spend and seen several Ruger 1911's in that price range. I've got a gp100 and lcrx that I really like, so I'm assuming the 1911's are good too. Wondering of anyone knows if the ruger 1911's are reliable or if I should be looking at a...
  11. Adam Striegel

    Oklahoma firearms freedom act

    You guys sen this? Wonder what the cost of guns and ammo would be like if we could only buy Oklahoma made?
  12. Adam Striegel

    New Shotgun

    Bought a Mossberg 500 yesterday. Starting to think the guy at the pawn shop starts hearing cash register sounds as soon as I walk through the door.. lol Nothing fancy, but it has a 7+1 capacity so I think I'll be able to work my way through a 3 gun match. :D
  13. Adam Striegel

    Mistakes you've learned from?

    I grew up shooting, but never really had any formal training until recently. I picked up a lot of bad habits that I had to break when going through weapons training. My worst was probably putting my weak hand index finger over the trigger guard thinking it have me stability when it was actually...
  14. Adam Striegel

    RIT Dye from Walmart works ...

    Dyed the buttstock of my AR from green to black. Dye job turned out better than I expected and stands up to light scuffs and scratches and won't flake. Here's the color before:][/URL] Here's after the dye job...
  15. Adam Striegel

    .223 and 5.56

    Patriot Industries in Guthrie just got a shipment of .223 rounds. $13 for 20 They also had a lot of 9mm and .45. I don't remember the prices on them, but it wasn't too bad. Might give them a call to check stock because people were coming in and buying a lot while I was there. Terry's Gun...
  16. Adam Striegel

    And now it's time to walk away and take a break ...

    Was trying to replace the grip on my AR with a good Hogue ruberized. While loosening the bolt on the old one it just snapped off about 1/8" off the receiver. After a string of colorful language I think I'm going to just take it in to the gun shop and see if a pro can fix it before I make it worse.
  17. Adam Striegel

    WTS: TruGlo Closed Traditional Reddot sight

    Basic close Reddot sight. Hasn't spent a lot of time on a rifle so it's still in good shape. Comes with two new batteries. $30 for local pick up. This is the model:
  18. Adam Striegel

    AR Carry Handle

    Does anyone have a decent quality carry handle the want to sell? I don't need one of the special forces $300 fancy pants one, but not something that came off a paintball gun. If not, could someone maybe recommend a couple good brands I could look for? Thanks
  19. Adam Striegel

    WTB: green magpul carbine handguard Looking for that style specifically. Carbine length, foliage green. Used preferred as long as it's not all beat up, new if the price is right.
  20. Adam Striegel

    Finally Got an AR!

    Spikes lower, RRA upper and 2-stage trigger. Used and in great condition. Can't wait to get out and shoot this thing!