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  1. GenHouston

    Cleaning out some unused gear ATN Day/Night scope used twice for hogs. Works great has illuminator and soft storage bag. New they run 599.00. Would like $450.00 or would consider trades. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. GenHouston

    Dry Fire with laser rounds

    I found these laser practice rounds and have thought about using them for dry fire exercises. has anyone else done this? did you find it helpful? Was it a detraction? Would I be better off just sticking to dry fire stuff? I have noticed that i tend to dry fire any time i set in front of the TV...
  3. GenHouston

    S&W M&P Pro long slide 5" for sale

    Selling my S&W Pro 9 5" . Comes with all the factory goodies plus 2 extra 17 round mags. holster. Was shooting extremely low new so put a Dawson fiber front sight on it to correct point of impact. Shoots on POA now. It has about 300 rounds through it, and comes with more than will fit in the...
  4. GenHouston

    Production handgun triggers

    What are some of the best mid to low price range pistols for triggers? Coming from more rifle sport shooting I am trying to get some thoughts from other shooters.
  5. GenHouston

    S&W M&P Pro 9 trigger & barrel questions

    I have a S&W that is somewhat new I noticed out of the box with good quality 155 gr. fmj it shoots about 3.5 low. Thought it might have just been me so put it on a rest. And got the same results. I also don't care for the trigger that is stock. It seems to be mushy and gritty. My questions are...
  6. GenHouston

    Howdy from Yukon

    Thanks for the awesome forum . I am pleased to have found it I am looking forward to using it as I start to become involved in 3-gun. Brent.