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    2011 Flat triggers

    I did a search here and other places as well but didn't find any real solid answers. I am wanting to put the longest flat trigger I can into my new 2011. I have used the STI gunsmith blank in the past. I am liking the looks of X-line Vario triggers like pictured which the shoe is adjustable to...
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    WTB 2011 edge speed rig holster

    Looking for a bladetech speed rig style holster for my new CK arms 2011. A regular edge holster should work. Anyone have one or something similar they aren't using?
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    WTB 2011 9mm

    I am wanting to get another 2011 in 9mm for 3gun and limited minor USPSA. I use a eagle clone that has tons of rounds thru it but been 100% reliable and is absolutely a better gun than I am a shooter. I am just wanting a backup or make mine now the backup. Of the edge models I have fondled I...
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    Tuning 2011 mags

    I have been shooting a 2011 I got well used for 3gun and USPSA for about 2yrs now. I use 5 STI mags with TTI springs, followers and basepads. I also have 5 MBX mags. I have shot about 3k rounds thru this gun with literally 1 malfunction. I have never tuned any of the mags ever but thinking maybe...
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    Prefered rifle stock length for 3gun?

    So how long does everyone choose to run their stocks and why? I know several like the ace stock that is non adjustable on a rifle length buffer. (I have one of those stocks for sale BTW) But I also know several that run it short and their nose does or is very close to touching the charging...
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    What youth 12ga to go with?

    My 12yr old daughter really enjoyed her first pheasant hunt last year which got her out shooting doves here a couple weeks ago. She has a 1187 20ga she does pretty good with but I would like to see her using a 12ga. She likes my 930 except for the fit but I don't think with the recoil spring in...
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    15" handguard for 3gun build

    Are there any new "gotta have it" handguards out there? I am slowing building a new 3gun rifle and shopping handguards now a little more in depth. I really like the SLR solo ultra light and the BCM KMR except both have about a 1.5" OD and I would like something closer to 1.75" OD. I run a Samson...
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    C-rums Benelli M2

    I have a lightly used benelli 28" field model M2 that Jeff @ C-rums worked over for 3gun. I have had it for a few months but never shot a match with it. I did prove it to be a pheasant slayer last season however and it functions great! Original owner said it had less than 100rnds thru it and no...
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    LH M2

    $475 no reserve on gunbroker. Thought someone may be interested at that price. Close in about 19hrs or so
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    Just shot Noveske as my first major 3gun match

    Hey boomer shooters!! I have never posted here expect a introduction post but I plan to try and be more active here on the forum but I wanted to share my excitent of just returning home from my first major 3gun match. I shot the Noveske multigun championship in Colorado and had a blast! I think...
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    WTB 2011 9mm

    I got bit by the 2011 bug and am finally ready to find a cure. Sure would love to have that new STI DVC but hoping I can find a good deal on a nice used edge or something comparable in 9mm. If you have one or know where one is I would appreciate the heads up. Thanks Mike
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    Millet DMS-1 1-4x24 new

    Brand new opened just now to take pics. I am adding a link with the specs. Located in SW KS asking $250
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    STI 1911 Spartan V 9mm

    STI Spartan IV 9mm like new. Shot maybe 8-10 mags thru it. Shoots great and comes with hard case and everything like it came with new. Red fiber optic front sight and fully adjustable rear sight, match grade barrel bushing, STI square hammer and 8 round magazine. Located in SW KS $575 shipped...
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    Thought I had lready done this

    My name is Mike Cott and I have been reading here for awhile and bought a few things from the classifides. Got me one these kick a$$ boomer shooter jerseys this year so thought it was time I do this since i aparently havent. I was born and raised in SW KS and the longest I have left was for...
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    WTB extended choke tubes JM930

    I would like to find some used ones in a diffuser IC and IM but cant even seem to find anyone has them in stock. Any of the forum sponsors have them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Safariland speed holster

    I have a safariland 013-853-121 in great condition. Only marks are from adjusting it for different guns. Asking $100 shipped. This my first post here so I will try and add pics. You can email me [email protected] for pics