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  1. G Tinney

    The Force of Optics | Vortex

    Keep us posted!
  2. G Tinney

    American Tactical Mil-Sport 3Gun

    The American Tactical Mil-Sport 3Gun ​will be available for purchase tonight at for only $999.95 AND if you use the code "GT3Gun" when you purchase you get a free accessory kit from Lucas Oil Outdoor Line. You must put my code in the notes to get the accessory kit...
  3. G Tinney

    New Guy from AR.

    What part of AR are you from? Have you hit any matches yet?
  4. G Tinney

    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    I had to make sure I hadn't already posted that I'm wanting to buy one!
  5. G Tinney

    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    Yup, Jesse hooked me up with a OP code not too long ago. Trying to see if anybody has picked one off a prize table and needs to get rid of it.
  6. G Tinney

    WTB: Vortex Spitfire 1x

    I think the title says enough.
  7. G Tinney

    3Gun Rifle speed vs recoil?

    Also I can hook you up with a 10% off discount code from JP when you get ready!
  8. G Tinney

    Glock Mag Trade - 17/34 for 22/35

    Your 9mm mags will work with .40's
  9. G Tinney

    NIB Vortex Spitfire

    Still have this?
  10. G Tinney

    4 dot EOTech?

    After a TON of research, The spitfire is looking pretty nice
  11. G Tinney

    4 dot EOTech?

    Going to add a factory division rifle to my arsenal. Looking at an EOTech EXPS3-4. Pros/cons? Other options? I think I like the idea of multiple dots.
  12. G Tinney

    Ideas for pistol skills improvement for 3 gun

    Or 3 gun will RUIN your USPSA game. At least that's my excuse...
  13. G Tinney

    FS/T AP Custom L2/6

    Used but hardly abused. $50 cash or trade for something cool. I'm in Hot Springs AR but I shoot in Ft. Smith pretty regular so I can bring it with me and meet up.
  14. G Tinney


    See title. If you have a stainless steel one to sell, I want it!
  15. G Tinney

    FS or Trade: LNIB Glock 43

    Sold, lock it up plz
  16. G Tinney

    My new M&P Pro9L Core compared to my STI. Am I expecting too much?

    I tried an M&P for a short time and had the exact same issue with it. I sent it back to Smith & Wesson twice because of it. Both times they didn't do anything to it and said that it was still with in their specs. It didn't take me long to pass it on and make it someone's else's problem.
  17. G Tinney

    AR-15 choice struggle

    JP's are on the higher end but are total solid built rigs, message me for a code to get 10% off.
  18. G Tinney

    2007 Harley Davidson Street Bob Follow the link for pics Call or text me at 501-655-3757
  19. G Tinney

    AR gold trigger question

    They're tight when new, it will wear in. I added some lithium grease between the two and that helped a lot.
  20. G Tinney

    G35 Gen3

    G43 with 3 tti plus 2 base pads and a 3.5lb ghost connector. Less than 20 rounds have went though it.