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  1. Matt1911

    This forum is dead.

    Let's face it folks, this place is done for. It had a strong presence for a few years, but now it's just tumbleweeds blowing in the breeze. Time to say goodbye to the once hopeful
  2. Matt1911

    Who can install gas pedal?

    Since Cyrwus is outta the game, I don't know who to go to local anymore. I'm gonna get a gas pedal for my STI Edge but don't trust myself to drill and tap for it. Recommendations please!
  3. Matt1911

    Okcgc uspsa tomorrow?

    Is the match on for tomorrow? I looked at the club website and didn't see it mentioned on the calendar.
  4. Matt1911

    Steel challenge pistol upgrades

    I have a MKIII 22/45 that I've been using for steel challenge, and I've come to the conclusion that it's time to make it a little racier. Heres what I'm thinking Volquartsen on the trigger. Tandemcross gas pedal. Tandemcross comp. Give your thoughts please.
  5. Matt1911

    Silencerco Maxim 9

    Ok, I know it's a niche type of gun, but I feel I've really gotta have one. Has anyone seen better prices than $1400? I'm planning to get one sometime maybe January and hoping for a killer deal to offset tax stamp cost.
  6. Matt1911

    Let's see those hunting rigs.

    I'm hoping to finally get out and get a hog sometime next year and want to see everyone's hunting guns. Here's mine. .223 Savage 11 with Vortex and suppressor.
  7. Matt1911

    PCC trigger

    Well, I went and done it. I got a Glock mag lower for PCC. Palmetto blem I couldn't say no to for $69 I had a Bill Springfield trigger laying around so I installed it and gave it a go, but it had the notch cut in the hammer so I had problems with it not resetting. Today I installed a Timney...
  8. Matt1911

    DA Shotmaxx 2

    Brand new in package $140 ftf or add $5 for shipping.
  9. Matt1911

    OKCGC July steel challenge results
  10. Matt1911

    April H&H results
  11. Matt1911

    Colt pattern 9mm AR mags $12.99

    I have 3 of these and they work great...
  12. Matt1911

    Muzzle loader guys, school me please

    I got a traditions Kentucky pistol kit for a project and after I get everything fit properly, then stained and blued, I of course want to shoot it, but have no experience with muzzle loaders. The kit says to use...
  13. Matt1911

    Brake, fh, green micro dot, and bcg

    Palmetto state M16 bcg brand new never installed $70 Silencerco 3 prong flash hider/trifecta suppressor mount. This is the one that doesn't have a twang sound when shot. Brand new never installed $75 SJC Titan brake. Used quite a bit, has the carbon buildup and scratches to show it. Still...
  14. Matt1911

    R.O. test questions

    There are 2 questions I took on the test that said I got it wrong, but I really don't see how. Help me understand please. Question 1: What is the maximum number of rounds a medium course can require for the stage? I answered 16 stating rule Question 2: Scoring metal targets may not...
  15. Matt1911

    2016 hi cap blowout
  16. Matt1911

    Free Akai custom certificate.

    I'm not going to use it, so I will give it away to someone who will. Please be honest and only take it if you'll use it, and not try to sell it. $250 value.
  17. Matt1911

    Tri City 10-2-16 results
  18. Matt1911

    CMC flat trigger 3.5lb

    Used, in great shape. $140 shipped.
  19. Matt1911

    Tri City 9-4-16 results

    Regular match PCC supplemental
  20. Matt1911

    August H&H results