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  1. Fyrtwuck

    Tri-City 6-4-17 results

    And the winner is.......
  2. Fyrtwuck

    Indian Territory Match

    I saw some matches scheduled at this in range in Duke, OK. Has anyone ever shot any matches there? Would it be worth the trip?
  3. Fyrtwuck

    Beretta 92 Mags

    Looking for some Beretta 92 mags. Found some decent prices on ARFCOM, but would like try to get some local first. PM with what you got and what you want for it. Thanks
  4. Fyrtwuck

    Springfield Armory XDM-40 mags.

    I have seven 16 round OEM Springfield Armory magazines for an XDM-40. FTF Okc metro $175.00 Will ship to any state where they are legal to possess or own for additional $5.00. If it's not legal in your state, please don't ask.
  5. Fyrtwuck

    Price for Cerakote

    I have a Sig 556 that I'd like to get the buttstock, grip and handguards cerakoted in OD green. What's a fair price? So far, I've been quoted a price of $120.00 and that sounds a bit high.
  6. Fyrtwuck

    308 Brass for Sale

    308 Brass for Sale Going through my stuff and decided I’m getting out of the 308 game. I have some different lots of brass for sale. There may be some factory loaded ammo later. Lot #1 1980 rounds. It has the R-P headstamp. It is once fired and has been sized, deprimed, tumble cleaned...
  7. Fyrtwuck

    OCPD Statement about non LE and guns.

    There was a news article on Channel 4 at 6 about the shooting at SW 44 & May that involved a liquor store owner shooting at two suspects who robbed him and then he was shot by the police. OCPD Captain Dexter Nelson made this statement. "Any person with a gun that's not wearing a uniform and a...