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  1. cudajimmy

    WTB XD45 mags/ 1911 Officers mags

    Looking for some extra Springfield XD45 13 round mags. Looking for about 10 total. Also looking for some WILSON mags for an Officers sized 1911. PM me or email me at 47[email protected] Thanks!
  2. cudajimmy

    03 FFL in Norman or somewhere on the south side?

    My brother is looking for an 03 FFL to have an SBR sent to. Anyone have any recommendations?
  3. cudajimmy

    WTS/WTT GLOCK 21 O.D. w/ 8 mags & HTS sights

    Selling my May 2005 built Glock 21. It's O.D. green (frame) with HTS sights. You get 8 GLOCK mags with it as well. This gun has less than 200 rounds through it and is in near MINT condition. Price is $550 shipped. ONLY trade I'm looking for is on an XDM 45. MUST ship to an FFL or can do a ftf in...
  4. cudajimmy


    Looking for an upper receiver, flat top with forward assist. LMK what you have and how much. Thanks, CJ
  5. cudajimmy

    Need feedback

    I'm looking at buying a Ceiner Browning HP 22 conversion kit. Can't seem to find any feedback on them good or bad. Any of you guys have any experience with the HP version?
  6. cudajimmy

    You MUST hit this poll!

    It's on the right side, below half way. CLICK HERE
  7. cudajimmy


    Congratulations to ROLANDO and the Mrs. They had a 10.4 lb. 20.5" long baby boy today! Get a wheel gun in his hand Steven!
  8. cudajimmy

    WTB 1911 or BHP

    Looking to by a Colt or Kimber 1911 or a Browning Hi Power. Belgian Brownings ONLY, not so picky about my 1911's. Let me know what you've got.
  9. cudajimmy

    Board shoot?

    Didn't see anything anywhere, but maybe it's been brought up. Anyone up for a shoot anytime soon?
  10. cudajimmy

    Am I allowed here?

    What's up trouble makers?