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  1. Robusto

    Springfield M1A Scope Mount and 2 20rd Mags N.I.B.

    Springfield M1A Scope Mount (4TH GENERATION ALUMINUM SCOPE MOUNT- SKUMA4GENAM) retail's at $155. Two 7.62MM 20-ROUND MAGAZINE (SKU: MA5021) retail's at $54.95 each. New in Box. These all would retail for $264.98. Asking $170 for the bundle. Cash is King. FTF in Norman. Will ship on your dime.
  2. Robusto

    Happy 242th, Penguin!

    Happy 242th, Penguin! Is what I heard first thing this morning from my Dad (retired Marine Officer).
  3. Robusto

    .30-40 Krag brass needed

    Any one loading .30-40 Krag? Buddy at work (who does CMP) is replacing stock on a recently acquired Krag. Brass needed.
  4. Robusto

    american eagle ae45a plac -23 cents per round after MIR

    $99.99 before $30 MIR for 300rds. Limit 5. $69.99 (23.3 cents a round)...
  5. Robusto

    TiteGroup at Widener's

    TiteGroup at Widener's $17.25 lb.
  6. Robusto

    CCI 22LR Mini-Mag

    CCI .22 Long Rifle Mini-Mag Rimfire Ammunition .22 LR 36 gr CPHP 100/box $8.99 at Natchez shooting supplies. Limit 5
  7. Robusto

    Rem Golden Saber $100 MIR Rebate form Shipping via FedEx was $14.71 for 250rds of 45apc to my location.
  8. Robusto

    .45 200gr HP

    Any one have a favorite recipe .45 200gr HP copper plated using Universial Clays?
  9. Robusto

    safariland 518 holster for Glock17

    safariland 518-83-61 holster for Glock17 little to no use. $24 or best offer or trade. FTF at OKC/ Norman OK match or ship on your dime.
  10. Robusto

    For Christmas I got...

    For Christmas I got a Henry .22 lever action in gold and some Marine Corps wool socks.
  11. Robusto

    George Wilson Bullseye Pistol

    Any one ever hear of a George Wilson Bullseye Pistol?
  12. Robusto

    Robusto's Contingency Tracker Thread

    Robusto's Contingency Tracker Thread.
  13. Robusto

    M&P fan boy Tungsten guide rod and some springs

    Tungsten Non-Captured Guide Rod (M&P 5" only) 1.5 oz. Used. Fits 5" barrel M&P 9L/9Pro/40L/40Pro. Jet Black Solid Steel Guide Rod with 14lb (#53214) and 15lb (53215) Recoil Springs by Wolff. 2 4lb Striker Spring included (recoil and striker springs both un-opened). Asking $50. Local match...
  14. Robusto

    FS 2 ton foldable shop crane

    2 ton foldable shop crane. asking $150 located in Norman OK.
  15. Robusto

    Ammo FS/FT Remington 40 S&W 165gr MC

    Ammo FS/FT Remington UMC Mega Pack 40 S&W 165gr MC that I fired 50rds, leaving partial box of 200rds. Asking $70 or trade for the 200rds box. Will not trade for interruptive fan dance again. FTF Norman/OKC. Please PM. -Dan
  16. Robusto

    Health News- Study: Even lead-free ammo may harm lung function

    Health News- MarineTimes- Study: Even lead-free ammo may harm lung function
  17. Robusto

    Remington 12ga Chokes

    Two used Remington 12 ga chokes (imp cyl, mod) and magazine plug. FTF Norman, Deliver to local match or ship on your dime.
  18. Robusto

    Flight Lieutenant Tony Snell (most interesting man in the world) dead at 91
  19. Robusto

    Redding G-RX Base Sizing Die Kit 40 S&W and Sizing Die Bottle Adapter

    NIB Redding G-RX Base Sizing Die Kit 40 S&W, 357 Sig, 10mm Auto and Sizing Die Bottle Adapter The sizing die list for $37.49 and the adapter list for $9.89. I would like $45 shipped or $40 ftf at next OKCGC match. Trades considered. Please PM.
  20. Robusto

    Damascus Steel Barrel

    Here is a link to a youtube vid of a guy making a Damascus Steel Gun Barrel.