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    Any reason to SBR and Suppress a 6.8 SPC

    The 6.8 does great out of a 12.5" barrel. SSA used to make a 85 TSX Combat load that was hitting about 2,900 FPS from a 12.5. The short barrel just makes it easier to use a can which is worth it. Hearing damage is forever. FWIW I was a big 6.8 fan but I think the Grendel is going to be the 6.X...
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    Dam near hurt my self

    Well, it should be nearly impossible for an AR type rifle to fire OOB since the bolt has to be locked for the firing pin to reach the primer. If you did indeed load pistol primers they have a much thinner cup. It's possible you fired a shot and the second boom was a round going off when impact...
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    glock 43 experiences

    It's a good pistol but shooting them side by side a lot of people end up liking the Shield a little better. The Shield also has a great deal on right now, you can get one relatively inexpensively and they're offering a $75 rebate on top of that.
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    Looking For Silencer/ Suppressor Info and Help

    A solid QD mount is advantageous in that your suppressor won't back off during use. I'd also advise you to look at some of the shorter suppressors out there since many meter fairly close to fullsize cans at the shooter's ear. There's no substitute for volume with regard to overall suppression...