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  1. Burk Cornelius

    STI DVC-O 9mm Open Gun-New in Box

    Does this come with an appendix holster?
  2. Burk Cornelius

    November Steel Challenge is this coming weekend -- Saturday, Nov 16th

    Steel challenge is a great way to way to keep the fundamentals sharp for the more experienced shooters or to introduce new & junior shooters to the shooting sports. Registration: Pre-register at until Friday before 9:00pm...
  3. Burk Cornelius

    Nylon "Instructor" belts

    A year update on the Wilderness Instructor belt. I honestly can't tell any difference in it and the 5.11 that I wore prior to this one (2-1/2 years). The Wilderness might end up lasting longer but only time will tell. If it does, I would say they are both very good belts Update to the statement...
  4. Burk Cornelius

    Where the hell is everybody?

    Now that we have @Bob Sanders back, the world will follow
  5. Burk Cornelius

    Standard Exercises and Speed Shoots

    October 24, 2019 by Jodi Humann It seems like there is a dislike for Standard Exercises and Speed Shoots, both from competitors and stage designers. The competitors dislike them because they require following stage procedures, and failure to do so is heavily penalized. Stage designers shy away...
  6. Burk Cornelius

    CANCELED | 3-Gun | OKC Gun Club | 10.26.19

    The October 26th 3-Gun match is CANCELLED Due to the weather, range conditions (especially for setup), and staffing for the match, we've decided the best choice is to cancel the match. We will resume in January 2020 and may be changing our 3-Gun match dates. Make sure to check the website for...
  7. Burk Cornelius

    CANCELED | 3-Gun | OKC Gun Club | 10.26.19

    This one's going be muddy
  8. Burk Cornelius

    CANCELED | 3-Gun | OKC Gun Club | 10.26.19

    Sign up starts 8:30 and we try to be started by 10. Cost is $15 for OKCGC members or $20 for non-members. Setup will be on Friday afternoon starting about 2PM and help is ALWAYS appreciated. It has been suggested to bring 5 or 10 slugs, "just in case"... You just never know what the evil...
  9. Burk Cornelius

    OKCGC USPSA October 2019 Results
  10. Burk Cornelius

    OKCGC Sept 2019 3-gun Results
  11. Burk Cornelius

    BoomerShooter News

    @roadgear See the title below my name? I can still ban you. LOL
  12. Burk Cornelius

    BoomerShooter News

    @Blackbeard tell everyone about your other business endeavors [forums] Also, I like the new software
  13. Burk Cornelius

    HICAP Nationals

    The 2019 SIG HICAP Nationals presented by Federal featuring Open, PCC, Carry Optics, and Limited Divisions took place Sept. 22-28, at the Southern Utah Practical Shooting Range, in Hurricane, Utah. Approximately 830 competitors from all over the U.S. and abroad shot both matches, with 263 in...
  14. Burk Cornelius

    Cmmg 22lr conversion

    I thought you said "butt" plug. Never mind...
  15. Burk Cornelius

    BoomerShooter News

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to fill you in on some BoomerShooter news. Tony, Jesse and I have accepted an offer to sell The new owner should be along shortly to introduce himself and let you know of any planned changes I would like to say it has been my pleasure to be...
  16. Burk Cornelius

    Where the hell is everybody?

    Everyone left
  17. Burk Cornelius

    Reloading parts for sale | ONE LOT

    Sold. Posted via my Samsung S8 using Tapatalk
  18. Burk Cornelius

    Reloading parts for sale | ONE LOT

    Sorry, I didn't see this reply Lance. Someone is coming to get it this week