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  1. jspeligene

    15 Round Mag for Glock 43/48

    Ordered one today. See how well it works
  2. jspeligene

    Burris FastFire 3

    Anybody ever have one of these where the glass breaks out? I sighted it in on a Ruger 22 pistol. Then stuck it back in a padded case... don’t remember dropping or banging it around but next time I took it out of the safe it was broken. Are these type of sights typically wry fragile?
  3. jspeligene

    Protesters blocking the roads

    For those familiar, what are the rights or obligations of ordinary citizens who may become trapped by a mob of people such as just happed in Tulsa? Do you have no/any right to extricate yourself or are you expected to sit there and be detained until they get tired and go home?
  4. jspeligene

    Century Canik

    Anybody have firsthand knowledge of these? Pretty inexpensive for an optics ready handgun with all those features
  5. jspeligene

    Good price on 9mm

    Saw 124gr FMJ Browning at Academy, 150 round box for $27 last weekend
  6. jspeligene

    Skeet Training

    Started shooting skeet and really enjoyed it. Was fairly consistent through the summer/fall skeet league and then the wheels came off the wagon. The harder I tried to ‘fix’ it, the worse it got. One of my shooting buds sent me a clip of a Todd Bender video. I was so impressed, I bought the...
  7. jspeligene

    Xdm sight removal

    Anybody got a tool for removing these ugly ass sights without damaging the finish on the gun? It’s getting a red dot
  8. jspeligene

    WTB cyl or skeet choke tube for Stoeger M3K

    Anybody in OKC area got one laying around? Can be flush or extended
  9. jspeligene

    Palmetto AR10 lower compatibility

    Anyone have experience with using PSA lowers with non-PSA upper assembly? Like Aero precision?
  10. jspeligene

    bargain scope around $200?

    Shopping for scope 3X9 or 4X12 Anybody like vortex crossfire or diamondback? Nikon pro staff? Or? Will be using on .270 Ruger American
  11. jspeligene

    Outboard motor repair-central ok

    Any recommendations around okc - Guthrie area? 40hp mercury. Probably carb related.
  12. jspeligene

    Streamlight Protac HL 750 Lumens (new unopened)

    Have 4 of these, bought from Primary Arms intending to use for Christmas gifts. Awesome light, but decided they didn't fit the intended end use. $55 ea.(firm) OKC area. Text me at 405 370 6334 if interested.
  13. jspeligene

    Can't find 6mm rem ammo

    This stuff got really scarce. Can't find anyone who carries it. Anybody know of any in town? Might have to go Internet but all I could find was Hornady SST...don't know if it's a good whitetail load or not.
  14. jspeligene

    G17 holster + mag pouch, rifle length hand guard, BS lower

    Clearing out some stuff I don't need. text (405) 370-6334 Holster & pouch - don't know brand, but VERY well made $40 Hand guard - make offer BS lower - $125
  15. jspeligene

    Burris PEPR 1" mount NIB

    $60 (405) 370-6334
  16. jspeligene

    Burris AR332 new in box

    $250 Text (405) 370-6334
  17. jspeligene

    M&P 9mm 4.25"

    Nice condition, stippled grip. Comes with 2 promag magazines. $325 Text (405) 370-6334
  18. jspeligene

    Stoeger M3000 skeet loads?

    Anybody having any luck with 1 ounce loads? Shooting in a weekly skeet league & looking for soft shooting loads that will cycle reliably. I haven't shot this gun much, so I'm trying to compress the learning curve...
  19. jspeligene

    Single shot, two projectiles?

    Got a 6mm rem back from my son, along with a box of reloads done by his buddy. My grandson shot it first time...big recoil (especially for a little 11 yr old) target was about 35 yards out. Had two nice round bullet holes about ten inches apart. Is it conceivable that two 80 gr bullets could...
  20. jspeligene

    Glock 34 FDE availability

    Have a relative looking for one and they seem to be scarce, whether black or FDE. Not up on glocks, is there something going on (discontinued or superseded) with those that limits availability? There seems to be tons of 17, 19 etc.