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  1. Scott Hearn

    Where the hell is everybody?

    I blame Burk...
  2. Scott Hearn

    Ponca City USPSA, 3/9/2019, CANCELLED

    No the thread title says March! Temps were forecasted to be nice on that day. I was wondering if you all relocated to northern Canada. Ha!
  3. Scott Hearn

    Ponca City USPSA, 3/9/2019, CANCELLED

    Say what?
  4. Scott Hearn

    FS: Samsung S8 in Orchid Grey

    Gone... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Scott Hearn

    FS: Samsung S8 in Orchid Grey

    How about $225?
  6. Scott Hearn

    Best scope choice?

    This is absolute truth. I have "old eyes". Can't see irons. Or...When I can see irons with corrective lenses, I can't see the target. Aimpoint to the rescue! My old Comp M2 mounted on my bone stock M&P15 would ring a MGM flasher at 300 EVERY.SINGLE.TIME as long as that 4mil dot was covering the...
  7. Scott Hearn

    FS: Samsung S8 in Orchid Grey

    Item Description: Recent (about 3 months use) Samsung S8 64G phone. Condition is very good. Used but not jacked up in any way. Was on AT&T so I doubt it's been unlocked, but I know nothing of Android phones. Factory reset already, just plug in your SIM and SD card if you want and go. Comes...
  8. Scott Hearn

    Beretta 90Two for Production

    That Beretta you have is setup nicely with all the Langdon and other stuff. I'd shoot the hell out of it. There's not a thing wrong with the spaghetti blasters.
  9. Scott Hearn

    Beretta 90Two for Production

    Stoeger won production with a 92 of some kind, IIRC. I'm sure it can be done again with the right person running it. Guns don't get slower with age they just succumb to the new hotness and/or sponsor.
  10. Scott Hearn

    S&W 170343 Classic Division legal

    And to make it even worse STI has discontinued their SS line of guns. :( Be aware that 9mm in 1911 is a bit finicky. My Trojan runs perfectly on Dawson and Brownells mags which use the metalform tubes. Put a Wilson ETM or any other Wilson mag in it, and it wan't run at all. Nosedive city. If you...
  11. Scott Hearn

    9mm PCC Newb

    If it doesn't have click adjustments for elevation and windage I ain't interested. For mine I had an older now discontinued Burris Speed Dot laying around and it works great. If I were buying an optic I'd go Venom for the weight savings.
  12. Scott Hearn

    1911 Gunsmith recommendation

    Don't know for certain one way or the other, just something I saw posted somewhere so take it with a grain of salt. If not Dr. Barry I'd go to Firearm Solutions, they'll do you right.
  13. Scott Hearn

    Automated brass sorter by weight

    That's freakin cool!
  14. Scott Hearn


    I'm going to have to agree with Matt. They have a .22WMR barrel for it too. Neato! But not $400 worth of neato though.
  15. Scott Hearn

    Sig MPX or JP GMR?

    Of the two I'd take JP all day long. Sig QC isn't what it was when they built everything in West Germany, it's downright sketchy these days. I built mine with mostly JP internals.
  16. Scott Hearn

    Once fired brass question

    What are you guys calling the advance ring, the ring indexer?. The only thing I've had to replace on my 650 is one case insert slide cam. Threads stripped out of the helicoil and I was always gentle with it too.
  17. Scott Hearn

    Concealed Carry Match at OKCGC

    Was wondering myself. Gonna be muddy as hell.
  18. Scott Hearn

    State Question 788 | FFL transfer

    There you go! I don't think it'll get rescheduled for recreational use, but Trump has said medical should be a go. If our law (SQ788) is structured right, and it appears that it MAY pass muster for medical, I think it could be inferred that a 4473 "NO" answer would too. And for the record I...
  19. Scott Hearn

    Purchases from a store vs online

    I had no issues at all buying the wife's Shield from PSA and shipping to SSP. I like to buy local but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, you know?
  20. Scott Hearn

    I bought a gun or something gun related today

    So I had to ship my SS gun back to STI for a repair. I'm having them hard chrome it while they have it. #nomoreoomploompa