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  1. AKjosh12

    Versa Max tactical for sale

    I’ll take it off your hands for $750. Let me know
  2. AKjosh12

    Primary Arms FFP 1x8x24 Platinum Series ACSS Reticle

    Light use looking for $960 shipped. Reticle designed for 5.56, 7.62x39 or .308 Take a look at the pics and let me know if you have any questions.
  3. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    Been doing well, have been buying up ethereum on the dips to invest in some alt coins and a few ICOs. Time will tell what all happens. Seems to be doing well so far have not made extreme gains as of yet but enough to further invest in other areas. I’m definitely not complaining. Some things...
  4. AKjosh12

    Aimpoint Micro T-1

    Low profile fast target acquisition red dot from one of the top optic manufacturers. Asking $500 used, please look at the pics and PM or let me know if interested in here.
  5. AKjosh12

    what is the best wight bullet for a 1:7 twist

    Still relatively new to reloading, but if you read a bit on some of the suggestions from the experienced (old timers) on here you can learn a lot. This will save a lot of time and headaches. Honestly though what works for some (powder and bullet weights or manufacturer’s of bullets) might not...
  6. AKjosh12

    Idiotic Guns

    Hahaha Yuri, i did not know there was an actual video for it. I do have to say I have one of Remington’s horrible marketing ploys. I bought their remingtom Versa-Max in zombie pink off Gun Broker for $600. Which was WORTH IT. Had to scrape some of the stupid paint off in the receiver to make...
  7. AKjosh12

    Idiotic Guns

    I think these are the worst.
  8. AKjosh12

    Beginner pistol

    Xdm 9 has been pretty awesome for me. Try some of the suggestions if possible to see what feels best in your hands, or head out to one of the shoots offer some ammo or money to try their gear before dropping some cash.
  9. AKjosh12

    Rocky Mountain Reloading

    That’s good to know. Was thinking about picking up some bulk 9 mm 115 gr and .224 55 gr eventually.
  10. AKjosh12

    JM Pro spring cleaning

    I forgot to ask is it having cycling problems or are you changing springs due to the round count? Factory springs from mossberg seem to work well. They’re not overly stiff which helps for the quad and dual loads but still has enough push for reliable cycling (tube spring). Send a pic of your...
  11. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    I’ll play around with it over the next couple months and let you know how it goes. A few hundred won’t break a person by any means. I’m still kind of green in the whole process, you can get a swift card which transfers your crypto currency to USD and allows you to use bitcoin and other...
  12. AKjosh12

    JM Pro spring cleaning

    I agree with Wall, the OR3GUN upgrades are pretty handy.I put their race kit in mine and it runs like a champ. Had a lot of people that really enjoyed the shotgun. Also had multiple offers from people at the shoots to buy it. I eventually sold it this year, but was definitely a great shotgun...
  13. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    My Aunt actually texted me last night. A lady in Arizona was scammed by her not understanding how the currency worked. The bitcoin transaction was legit, but she sent the swindler the transaction receipt for her bitcoin in the premise of getting an appartment rented. He took her funds and ran...
  14. AKjosh12

    Tactikoozie or Cupholster

    Hide-a-Holster would work or Secure-it/ Secure-it Holsters. Is it a moldable polymer to fit/adjust to any area? I really enjoy the decibullz ear buds due to their moldable polymer which allows any user to perfectly fit your ear. Would have a lot of interested people in your idea if you could...
  15. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    There will always be an increase in value with a greater number of bitcoin being purchased. If it sells in mass by an individual the price will take a temporary hit. Bitcoin caps out at 21 mil, the product is a risk similar to the stock market which I understand. I’m not expecting to be a...
  16. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    I think it will have its ups and downs, but the potential for increased revenue is there with more big business’ and investment companies further legitimizing the currency by accepting it. Have only dropped $100 which is money for sure, but nothing that will break me. I’m interested to see...
  17. AKjosh12

    Bitcoin “I Finally Took the Plunge”

    Finally dropped a hundy on some bitcoin yesterday and it’s pretty exciting to watch it move. I like the fact that it’s not a government regulated currency and that it has a cap and cannot be reproduced creating inflation. What’s everyone using for a wallet or have you found a good site...
  18. AKjosh12

    "Red Dot" Sights with Green Illumination?

    Ya, sorry man I’m not sure? Looked at a bunch of sights and it looks like the vortex is the best option for a green dot that I could find. Have you tried calling Leupold and asking if they could make the dot on their delta point green due to your color vision? Either way let us know what you...
  19. AKjosh12

    Used Remington Versa Max w/ 22" barrel

    My sister is now looking for one of these anyone know a good place to find a versamax tactical or have one they would like to sell?