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  1. Scott Hearn

    FS: Samsung S8 in Orchid Grey

    Item Description: Recent (about 3 months use) Samsung S8 64G phone. Condition is very good. Used but not jacked up in any way. Was on AT&T so I doubt it's been unlocked, but I know nothing of Android phones. Factory reset already, just plug in your SIM and SD card if you want and go. Comes...
  2. Scott Hearn

    WTS: Taran Tactical +5/6 Base pads for M&P 9/40

    I have 3 TTI base pads I don't use. Very good condition, color is black. Bases only but they work fine with stock springs. $65 shipped. Just like these:
  3. Scott Hearn

    WTS: Glock G34 MOS

    Gen 4 G34 MOS 1 19 round mag (Glock +2 ext.) 2 18 round mags (Glock +1 ext) Ghost Ultimate 3.5lb connector with spring kit. Trijicon suppressor night sites Burris Fast Fire 3 (3MOA dot) Unknown round count but it's probably well less than 1000. I've never put it in a holster, it looks basically...
  4. Scott Hearn

    WTS: Lyman Powder Measure

    I have a Lyman #55 powder measure and stand for sale. Actual items are pictured. Will not separate. $55 for both in the Moore,/Norman/S.OKC area. Will ship for actual cost.
  5. Scott Hearn

    WTT: WST for WSF or 572

    I have about 10lbs of Winchester WST I'd trade for 8lbs of WSF or 572. I bought this 8lb jug and a 4lb jug at the same time. Used about half of the 4lb and mixed it into this one, hence the 10lbs. Always kept stored inside the house and tightly sealed. FTF in Moore/Norman area or at a local...
  6. Scott Hearn

    FS: 64GB iPhone 6

    Basically perfect condition Apple iPhone 6 64GB in Space Gray Has always been in the Magpul case and worn a screen protector so it's basically is completely blemish free. Comes with a OD Green Magpul case and an unused screen protector film. I just installed the 2nd out of a package of 3...
  7. Scott Hearn

    Glock Gen 4 Zev Professional Fulcrum Drop-In Trigger Kit

    Drop-in trigger unit just like the link below except no trigger block or extra striker spring. I believe the one I have is a 4lb. Unit only has about 100 rounds on it. I took it out of a G34 MOS I purchased as it was entirely too light for a home defense gun...
  8. Scott Hearn

    Hard Chrome. Who to use?

    If you had a nice 1911 not needing anything but finishing, and you wanted it hard chromed, who would you send it to?
  9. Scott Hearn

    WTS/WTT 33 Round Glock mag w/TTI +6 Basepad

    I have one used 33 round mag with a Taran Tactical +6 extended base pad. The TTI pad looks like new. $60 or trade for 2 G17 mags (17rd)
  10. Scott Hearn

    WTT: Accurate Iron M&P45

    S&W M&P45 Factory Novak/Trijicon 3 dot night sights 3 10 round mags 1 14 round mag Factory box, grip inserts, etc. Round count unknown but it's low, maybe 2K. Doesn't get shot much at all Accurate Iron mods: Trigger job (with a ridiculous short reset) Stippled front strap Stippled grip...
  11. Scott Hearn

    PCC Zero Distance

    Where do you set your zero? Running 147s, I set mine dead on at 15 and it definitely shoots "uphill". At 25 with a center hold on the upper A-B zone it will go completely over the target. Wasn't really expecting that much difference. Probably ought readjust out to 25.
  12. Scott Hearn

    Need to borrow 1911 9mm mags.

    Anybody got 2 or 3 I could run over the weekend? Planning on OKCGC and H&H. I have a 6 pack backordered. :(
  13. Scott Hearn

    Any Black Friday Smoking Deals on uppers?

    Post 'em up here. Need one for a PCC build.
  14. Scott Hearn

    5" Limited Package

    .40 cal Caspian wide body frame Caspian unmarked slide Schuemann AET bull barrel Aftec extractor All parts not specific to the Caspian frame are EGW or Ed Brown, it has all the good stuff. Includes: 4 new style mags Kytac kydex holster 3 Kytac mag pouches 1 Double Alpha Race Master insert...
  15. Scott Hearn

    Squib? Not really a question but interesting nonetheless.

    Saw a really odd "squib" incident today in the OKCGC match. First shot on the stage sounded like a squib. RO screams STOP! Shooter stopped. He opened the cylinder (yes a revo shooter) and the back of the case was black and the primer was barely hanging on. From the looks of it the bullet...
  16. Scott Hearn

    FS: Sig P250 Compact Nitron .45

    Selling a Sig 250 with about 2000 rounds through it. Comes with 300 rounds of range ammo: Freedom Munitions - 4 boxes Monarch Brass - 1 box Blazer aluminum - 1 box $400 FTF Moore, OK or at a match.
  17. Scott Hearn

    WTS: AR15 9mm pistol w/BoomerShooter lower and Sig Brace

    Decided I have to have a JP GMR-13 for PCC so this has to go. Here is the build: Lower receiver group: Zombie Defense Lower (Boomer Shooter rollstamp) $139.99 CMMG LPK $69 SIG SB15 Brace $95 KAK Industries Super Sig SB-15 buffer tube (made specifically for this brace and uses standard carbine...
  18. Scott Hearn

    Anyone bought bullets from Precision Delta lately?

    How was the lead time and how do they compare accuracy wise to the other bulk jacketed offerings? They spank everybody's pricing pretty good when you buy in bulk. Tempting...
  19. Scott Hearn

    M&P45 mags. Cheeeeeeeeeep!

    $15 apiece!
  20. Scott Hearn

    WTB: M&P .40 Mags

    I need a couple or 3 M&P .40 mags. Thought I'd check here. Edit: Full size 15 rounders please...