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  1. irons_shooter

    2018 Walther Arms USPSA Area 4 Championship

    September 14-16 2018 at the Old Fort Gun Club in beautiful Van Buren Arkansas, just outside Ft Smith. This will be a 12 stage Level 3 Championship with ~275 rounds as well as chrono. This year we will do prizes in order of finish and awards will be given at the awards ceremony on Sunday around...
  2. irons_shooter

    Anyone looking for a JP GMR-15

    I might know of one for sale with ~1500 rounds through it. 16" barrel and a bunch of mags. PM me if interested and I'll fill you in.
  3. irons_shooter

    FN FNAR in 7.62mm

    Only 63 rounds fired through it. 20" fluted barrel. Need to get a 4-wheeler and trailer so something has to go. I have all of the stock accessories(comb risers and butt pads) as well as a 20 round FN magazine and the factory 10 rounder. Extremely accurate and soft shooting. Was going to be my...
  4. irons_shooter

    Armscor 22TCM Ammo

    Got this on a table this past weekend as it was part of a bundle. Don't have a 22TCM. If anyone in the local area can use it, shoot me an offer. I think I saw $25 was bout the going rate at big box stores, so enough to cover lunch should work.. :) Mike
  5. irons_shooter

    Aimpoint Micro H-1 2MOA Sight

    Almost new (sighted in an AR with ~20 rounds) with a 100% co-witness mount. Comes in factory packaging.. $500 shipped...
  6. irons_shooter

    M&P Pro 9mm 5" setup for 3-gun/Limited

    Real nice, fired very little M&P Pro Series 5" with Speed Shooters Magwell, Apex Trigger, 4 magazines with TTI basepads, right hand holster with tek-lok and DOH hanger. Comes with the original trigger parts should you want to convert it back for production. I took this on trade to get and extra...
  7. irons_shooter

    Bushnell AR 223 1-4 Scope

    With the target turrets. Great little 1-4 scope for 3-gun, 22 shooting or even a PCC.. In a nice mount (Burris PEPR) and ready to go. With original box. Let's see about $125 all-in.
  8. irons_shooter

    Primary Arms 1-6 Scope

    Had the one I originally had on my rifle replaced with this one. Mounted it, zero'd it, shot about 50 rounds through it and now it's for sale to a good home. Its in great shape with box. $200 without mount or I'll keep it in the red Warne mount it is in now for $250. It has the .223/5.56...
  9. irons_shooter

    T1 Ammunition 40 S&W

    I have two boxes (100 total rounds) of the T1 Competition 180gr TMJ in .40 that I don't need. They are selling this stuff for $21/50 plus shipping. It is great ammo, description below. Let's do $30 at OKCGC next Saturday or meet somewhere in OKC/Edmond beforehand.. Our competition...
  10. irons_shooter


    That's right. The final day of the year will bring an epic adventure to the OKCGC. Starting at 9:30, we will begin signup for the 10:00 start. 4-6 stages of pistol/PCC craziness. 45 round minimum per stage (will be a lot more than that). We will put every piece of steel the club owns on...
  11. irons_shooter

    18" AR Stoner Barrel

    18" carbine length gas 1-8 twist 223 Wylde chambered barrel. Has about 300 rounds through it. Fluted so it's pretty light. $100 local.
  12. irons_shooter

    2000 pieces of 40 Brass

    40 S&W Once fired and tumbled clean. 2000 pieces. $50 local. Mike
  13. irons_shooter

    Brand new STI 140mm and 170mm Magazines

    New STI 38 Super magazines. I have a 140mm and a 170mm that are both brand new. These can be used as 9 mags with the shorter follower and spacer. 140mm - $50 170mm - $75 Both for $120 Shipped. Mike
  14. irons_shooter

    2nd Annual Oklahoma State IPSC Rifle Championship - March 11th

    That's right. Kurt Miller and I would like to invite you to the 2nd annual IPSC Rifle Match in beautiful exotic Arcadia Oklahoma on March 11th. This match will be just a little different from last year because all proceeds will go to the US National Rifle Team for the 2017 Rifle World Shoot...
  15. irons_shooter

    Almost new STI DVC Limited 2011 in 40

    Bryan said I would and I argued, but found another open gun I had to have so this one has to go before I get too attached.. Like new STI DVC Limited in 40. Great gun, shoots awesome and is less than 1000 rounds. Comes with 4 STI magazines, two have grams guts and pads and hold 20-21 (if you...
  16. irons_shooter

    2017 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship

    Pleased to announce that USSA in Tulsa OK has been selected to host the 2017 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship September 8-10. The website will be updated with dates to register etc. It's been too long since Area 4 has been in Oklahoma! Mike
  17. irons_shooter

    Custom 2011 in 9mm - Almost New

    Looking to move a like new 2011 full length dust cover, bull barrel custom 2011 built by BlackDog Gunworks at the beginning of this year. Gun was used for 3 local matches and SMM3g. Sent it to a well known smith on these forums to recut the rear sight and install a new one and it came out...
  18. irons_shooter

    What I Learned Shooting Optics

    So, at FB3G after the first stage, I was told that Limited was going to be canned because of not enough people so since I was told that I was going to be moved to Tac-Optics, I went ahead and switched to a little upper I built for my daughter. Its the standard 18" with a 1-6x. I must say it...
  19. irons_shooter

    Found another one - Ergo $100 Gift Certificate

    Falcon Industries (Ergo) certificate for $100 good for anything they sell. Their stocks are badass and their grips are one of the most popular for the AR platform. $75 and I can give you the number and/or send the cert. It's good until 8-14-2017.. Mike
  20. irons_shooter

    Ergo Certificate

    OK.. Last one, probably... $100 Ergo Grips certificate. Good for anything at $80. I'll take PayPal or cash.. Mike