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  1. Joel Clouse

    Loki is back...?

    Stumbled on this today, didn't have time to see if it had already been posted.
  2. Joel Clouse

    WTS: KAHR CM40

    I’m selling this Kahr CM40. Bought it new for the wife’s carry gun about a month ago, and she doesn't like it. It has less than 30 rounds through it. Comes with the box, paperwork and an extended mag that’s a little long, but it’s a good range mag. Asking $350.
  3. Joel Clouse

    Windham Weaponry VEX-SS

    Well, here it is. My (short) awaited WW VEX-SS. Overall, good impression out of the box. The obvious upgrades and additions include the Magpul PRS, Diamondhead ISS BUIS, SWFS SS 10x42 glass and the Harris bipod, complete with Afghani grit. It came with the rail risers, Houge grip and an Ace LTD...
  4. Joel Clouse

    Windham Weaponry

    I've been cruising the interwebs for info on the Windham (old Bushmaster) rifles. The opinions and reviews are all across the board, good to bad. I have an LE friend who says they are good to go. I've also read that some folks think they are junk, and that Colt, DD, LMT and BCM are the only way...
  5. Joel Clouse

    Barrel Break-in

    I'm on the fence, not sure which side to get on. What is everyone's opinion about breaking in a new barrel? I've heard and read about different ways to do it and why, but I'm still not 100% sold. My thought is that when I do a "real" cleaning on a rifle, my goal is to remove all of the copper...
  6. Joel Clouse

    Colorado Big Game Draw

    Just a heads up, application deadline for hunting big game in Colorado is next Tuesday, April 3rd. If you are planning on hunting mule deer or limited elk, gotta have your stuff postmarked (or done online http://wildlife.stat...llicensing.aspx) by midnight the 3rd. I just completed mine for a...
  7. Joel Clouse

    Medical Supplies

    I've been looking at putting my jump kit back together. I carried a jump kit in my pickup as a firefighter/emt back when that was my career path. Over the years, I've used stuff out of it, things have expired or disappeared. It was nice that the FD supplied all of it back then, just as nice as...
  8. Joel Clouse

    Fail to extract - G36

    Here's the deal - New Glock 36, about 500 rounds through it. I've tried both the CCI Brass and CCI Aluminum case, and get a stuck case that won't extract with both flavors, maybe one or two every 50. Doesn't matter what magazine I use, have used four that are all new. It happened almost every...
  9. Joel Clouse

    Another idiot

    From yesterday's blip... Man in officer-involved shooting had fake gun - just down the way from where I live...,0,649585.story
  10. Joel Clouse

    Doomsday Preppers

    I've watched the show Doomsday Preppers a few times, and my jury is still out. On one hand, it proves there are a lot of quacks out there that have stock piled a bunch of stuff for us to find, as well as some pretty squared away cats that might hold their own. I think it does bring up some good...
  11. Joel Clouse

    Old Lady shotgun

    Hey friends. Just had a family friend ask me to take her to buy a shotgun. She's in her 60's, chain smoking, scotch drinking, gruff old gal. She lives in her home alone, on the back side of a lay down 40. Her sister and brother-in law live on the other side of the property, far enough they...
  12. Joel Clouse

    Shipping handguns

    Wondered if folks could clarify shipping regulations for handguns. I need to ship a handgun back to the manufacturer for warranty repair. I looked at the UPS website for their take on it and it reads anyone can ship through them "from and between persons not otherwise prohibited from shipping...
  13. Joel Clouse

    SB 1760

    From an NRA email... Oklahoma: Complete Emergency Powers Legislation Passes Senate Public Safety Committee Please Contact Your State Senator to Urge Support of SB 1760 Several years ago, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a good-faith attempt at “Emergency Powers” protection for gun owners...
  14. Joel Clouse


    Just ordered my first LOKI M4 MOE setup. Also sent for a Burris TAC30 w/ Fastfire red dot w/ one piece mount from Midway to top it. Did a lot of reading and calling trying to get the best bang for my buck. I spoke with Eric (if I remember right) on the phone and he graciously answered everything...
  15. Joel Clouse

    Recommendations, please

    Looking to buy a Glock 21 one of these days. Can you all give me some pros and cons between a standard 21 and a 21C? Why should I buy one or the other?? Thanks!
  16. Joel Clouse


    I'm ordering a couple of these to keep in the bathroom cabinet -;jsessionid=F5CF85D9472EEB7D209BC6F2386F19E7 100 gallon water bladder that fits in your bathtub with siphon to pump out what you need. They say it keeps water "fresh" for 4 weeks, but I figure...
  17. Joel Clouse

    First Post

    I'm here now, hugs and kisses. Shooter00