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    Welcome back!
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    30-30 rifle thoughts, reviews

    There have been a zillion deer killed with the 30-30. It's a great round as long as the hunter recognizes its limitations. Typically it's fired through a lever action rifle and requires round nose bullets because of the tube fed magazine. Hornady has came out with the soft ballistic tip...
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    Five-O Tactical Gunfighter 2

    Great videos. I learned some things from them.
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    Oklahoma Gun forum

    Gotta have a diamond in the lint to make it authentic.
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    New Build

    Looks nice! How does she shoot?
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    15 Round Mag for Glock 43/48

    When I saw the title that said 15 round magazine for a Glock 43, I thought that would be a heck of a mag sticking out of the buttstock about 6". Then saw the 43X in the body of the post. Makes more sense.
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    Burris FastFire 3

    That's crazy. I have two of the Fastfires but neither has had any issues with breakage.
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    Old powder

    As long as it's been stored in sealed containers you should be good. Smell it first before using it. If it has a rotten egg smell, it needs to be disposed of. I've got some shotshells from the 40's with paper hulls and they still shoot fine.
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    Ponca City USPSA, 6/13/2020, 0900 hrs.

    Range is set up and ready for the match in the morning.
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    Ponca City USPSA, 6/13/2020, 0900 hrs.

    We will be having our June USPSA match this Saturday. Expect 8 stages and around 175 rounds required. Sign up will begin at 8:40 and the match should start shortly after 9:00. Match fee is $15 for club members and $20 for non members. We plan on setting up Friday morning starting at 9:00 am. And...
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    Re introduction

    Welcome back to BoomerShooter!
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    Protesters blocking the roads

    I suspect to get there in the first place you had to go around a barricade. I'm not a lawyer and not planning on playing one but I'd suspect as long as your not being threatened and the road is blocked the prudent thing to do would be to wait it out. If your vehicle was singled out and...
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    You get points for it looking badass anyway!
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    Assault weapons ban comes to Canada

    They never allowed AR's in Canada anyway. but the mass shooter had one illegally. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had this gun ban issue in his election platform but could never get it through the canadian legislature. He did this time.
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    Ponca City USPSA, 5/9/2020, Canceled

    Based on interpretation of the governor's plan for reopening the state, we will be canceling Mays USPSA match, hopefully we can resume in June. DES
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    Century Canik

    Interesting. I've recently heard of them but haven't seen any actual range reports.
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    Boomer Shooter Chit Chat.

    Hope this virus stuff is over so you can go on your honeymoon. I've been to Hawaii twice, but it was just a refuel stop to travel further west. Didn't get to see much.
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    USPSA, Ponca City

    All matches are canceled until this virus gets contained. See you then!
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    First post a sales ad? Care to introduce yourself?