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  1. technetium-99m

    Bolt action 22

    Looking for a bolt action 22 suppressor host because reasons.... Anyone have a suggestion?
  2. technetium-99m

    Vortex PST 1-4

    I've got 2 Vortex 1-4 scopes, one with capped turrets one with target turrets. Both have MRAD reticles. $300 each shipped. Pics later this afternoon.
  3. technetium-99m

    WTB CZ SP01

    Anyone sitting on a decocker SP01 in 9mm they want to move?
  4. technetium-99m

    Old American Rifleman Magazines

    I have 35 plus or minus issues of American Rifleman. I believe they are all from the late 60s. Free to a good home.
  5. technetium-99m

    Nordic 22 upper

    Nordic 22 upper for sale. Purchased used but can't tell it from new. Barrel is 18" and around a .760 profile. Can't remember how many mags I got this with, but I'll include 3 25 rounders. $325 cash or trade for something. Glock 17 or 19, AR parts, Hornady 55gr FMJBTs, powder primers...
  6. technetium-99m

    WTS Xtreme 124gr RN projectiles

    124gr RN Xtreme 9mm bullets, $75 per thousand, I have 6 thousand available. Prefer a local sale.
  7. technetium-99m

    Glock 17

    Anyone have a gen 3 or 4 Glock 17 they want to part with?
  8. technetium-99m

    Black Magpul UBR

    Got a black Magpul UBR for sale. Bought used but can't tell it from new. $180 shipped $175 at a local match. Pics when I get around to it.
  9. technetium-99m

    Nordic 22 upper on OSA

    18" Nordic upper on OSA. Guy is asking $300.
  10. technetium-99m

    WTS Xtreme 180gr RNFP bullets

    I've got 4,700 180gr Xtreme RNFP bullets for sale. $85 per thousand. I'd prefer to sell them as one lot but will happily meet at matches around OK. May trade for Win SPP, 40 brass, TG or WST.
  11. technetium-99m

    OKCGC Membership

    Anyone had OKCGC cash their membership dues? It's been a month and my check hasn't been cashed yet.
  12. technetium-99m

    300 Blackout reloading components

    Back up for sale is my 300 BO collection of reloading stuff. 400+ 150gr Xtreme plated bullets 165 Nosler 110gr Varmageddon bullets 400+ cases, 260+ ready to load and 140+ fired RCBS 2 die set (size and seat) and a Lee FCD LE Wilson case gauge (not in the picture, its NIB) 9 3/4 pounds of...
  13. technetium-99m

    JP LMOS carrier and 2 x Rolling Thunder Comps

    Have a used (2,300 rounds or so) JP LMOS 223 carrier and 2 used (each right at 1,000 rounds) Rolling Thunder comps for sale. Both comps have been coated with black Cerakote. $150 delivered for the JP carrier and $50 each delivered for the comps. If you're local knock off $5 for a FTF.
  14. technetium-99m

    Vortex Razor HD II 1-6

    I've got a gently used Vortex Razor 1-6 with the JM reticle for sale. It's been zeroed shot at the range a bit and taken off. Price is $1,100 shipped and insured to you, take $50 off for a local delivery. May be interested in trades as follows: Casepro 100 (must have 40 and 9mm dies)...
  15. technetium-99m

    Vehicle Shopping

    Looking for a new vehicle, I have a truck that I don't plan to get rid of. Looking for a car/SUV type grocery getter. I've driven a Ford Focus, Mazda 3, and a Dodge Caliber. I kind of like the concept of the hatchback. Also driven an Altima and a Maxima, liked the Maxima quite a bit more. I...
  16. technetium-99m

    Sale/Trade 300 BO Barrel

    16" CMMG 300 BO barrel, bought from a buddy with very little ammo down the pipe. Has 1 in 7 twist with carbine length gas. Price is $120 face to face, will ship for a few bucks, I may trade for a 8-10" 300 BO barrel.
  17. technetium-99m

    Dillon 650 toolhead, stand, super swage 600

    Tool head and stand $35, don't really want to split. Swage tool with all parts $80. Will ship at your expense.
  18. technetium-99m

    Sale/Trade 300 Blackout reloading package and barrel

    I put 15 or so rounds through a rifle purchased from a buddy and I'm not sure this cartridge is my thing. Everything pictured is for sale, prefer as a package but if it sits for a while I may break it up. CMMG 16" 1 in 7 300 BO barrel, has no real discernible wear. 400+ 150gr Xtreme plated...
  19. technetium-99m

    Sale/Trade MG 180gr JHPs

    I've got 1000 MG 180gr JHPs for sale. $120 or trade for 22 ammo (only interested in Federal Bulk packs or Automatch), powder (TG, WST, TAC, or H335), or a black Magpul UBR. Can add cash where needed.
  20. technetium-99m

    Sale/Trade 15" Samson Evo Handguard

    Used 15" Samson Evo rail for sale. Has some handling marks but no deep gouges or scratches that go through the anodizing. Price is $150 for everything pictured and I'll ship it for that, even has a Samson QD swivel mount. Might trade for small pistol primers (Win or Federal only), bullets or...