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  1. Tuflehundon

    This forum is dead.

    Not all of us are in Oklahoma either. I am in Florida. (Tampa Bay Area) I found the site because the the University of Florida shooting team. They were all members here and wore the jerseys at matches, until they made their own jerseys. I liked the Boomer Shooter name because I am from Oklahoma...
  2. Tuflehundon

    New Multi-Gun Rules Proposed

    I was gonna say, I didn't see any highlights on the 3gun rules. I don't shoot steel challenge, so I didn't even look at that one.
  3. Tuflehundon

    How many different clubs do you shoot at?

    Home club is 15 minutes from me. Shoot USPSA pistol, shotgun, and rifle there. But I drive up to 2 hrs 20 min for matches. Although one of the clubs I go to is 3 1/2 hrs from my house, but 45 minutes from my in laws place. I can "visit" them for the weekend, shoot a match close to them, and...
  4. Tuflehundon

    New Multi-Gun Rules Proposed

    So without having to go through 88 pages of rule book, is there a cliff notes version of what changed?
  5. Tuflehundon


    This is how I have seen it done. Works fairly well, as long as you make sure the person you are sharing with are a few shooters apart. No one you know have an extra pistol you can use? I have a pretty bone stock Glock that I take with when I am sharing gear. I have extra mag pouches so I each...
  6. Tuflehundon

    2016 Contingency Prize Awards

    And the beanie. Pretty cool one too.
  7. Tuflehundon

    2016 Contingency Prize Awards

    Got my OR3GUN swag yesterday.
  8. Tuflehundon

    Colt pattern 9mm AR mags $12.99

    That's cheap. May be about time to stock up on them.
  9. Tuflehundon

    OR3GUN swag

    Sweet. I won one of those packages.
  10. Tuflehundon

    BoomerShooter gator (sleeve) and pistol cover available for 2017

    Bummer. Likely wouldn't fit my arms then.
  11. Tuflehundon

    BoomerShooter gator (sleeve) and pistol cover available for 2017

    Any idea on the sizes for the gators? I have large arms. Wonder if they'd fit.
  12. Tuflehundon

    2016 Contingency Prize Awards

    I am moving in 14 days, so it depends on when things get sent out. I'll PM Burk just in case.
  13. Tuflehundon

    2016 contingency prize drawing

    My prize will have to be shipped. I live in FL, and won a OR3GUN Mossberg 930 Pro Comp Combo. I am in the process of moving. Any idea when the prizes would be shipped. I may have a new address depending on how long it takes. Not sure if you guys have everything in hand or not. I know last year...
  14. Tuflehundon

    Sale on Glock Factory mags

    Nice. I figured with Hillary loosing, we'd start to see mags and parts costs come down.
  15. Tuflehundon

    Locking Trigger Pins in Blowback PCC

    Interesting. I've been running KNS pins with my 24C for 2 years.
  16. Tuflehundon

    2016 Contingency Prize Awards

    Maybe next year we can get to some big matches together Mike.
  17. Tuflehundon

    Tuflehundon (Rob Gee) | Point Tracking Thread

    My prize choice list. 1. Nordic Components 16" NCPCC Complete Rifle-Certificate $1,600.00 2. Nordic Components 22RP Complete Upper-Certificate $500.00 3. Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x $400.00 4. Vortex Optics Spitfire AR red dot $350.00 5. Timney Triggers AR10 SOLID, STRAIGHT 4 LB...
  18. Tuflehundon

    Have I missed something

    Last year was my first year. I wondered the same thing as well. The guys that run the programs are just like you and I, they have regular jobs out side of the forums, and are unpaid. A lot of work goes into this programs. From getting things lined up, set up, and then the end of year prizes...
  19. Tuflehundon

    Have I missed something

    The 2016 prize thread with get started soon. I know it takes time to get everything lined up. The 2017 program will start shortly after that.
  20. Tuflehundon

    Prefered rifle stock length for 3gun?

    Always. All of us could.