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  1. Tuflehundon

    Who makes a good PCC 9mm barrel?

    Building a PCC rifle this tax season. Already have most of the parts picked out. So far I have: Spike's upper and lower (have) Voodoo LPK (have) Hiperfire 24C (have) JP bolt and SCS (need to order) MagPul stock and other parts (have) Hahn precision mag block (need to order) C Products mags...
  2. Tuflehundon

    Obtaining sight picture with rifle after pistol is loaded and holstered.

    Saw a similar thread asking almost this question. My question is a little different though. I was at a local 3 Gun Nation match today, and was on my 1st stage, and I was the 2nd shooter. Stage required all 3 guns. Shotgun was loaded and made ready 1st, then staged on a table. RO had me make...
  3. Tuflehundon

    Which open Glock holster other than CR Speed?

    I currently have a CR Speed WSMII holster for my Open Glock because I have the Carver Customs optic mount. I plan to swap that out for the SJC mount, which opens up my holster options. When I shot Limited, I used a Ghost Ultimate holster, but was never comfertable with it for 3gun. What other...
  4. Tuflehundon

    If you use more than 1 ammo, which do you zero with?

    I know I have heard a few here say they use more than one ammo in their rifles. Like 55's for 300 and in, and 69's or 77's for 300 and out. I have settled in 55gr Hornady for 300 and in, and 68gr Hornady for 300 and out. 77's didn't do well in my gun. If you use more than one ammo, whic one do...
  5. Tuflehundon

    Things I learned today taking a USPSA class from a Pro shooter

    Took a 1 on 1 USPSA class today With Shannon Smith, who is a Pro shooter, runs Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof (with Manny Bragg and a few others) and is local to me. First thing I learned was that no matter what you think you are doing right, you may be completely wrong. I thought my...
  6. Tuflehundon

    FS: Bushnell AR Optics PCL 1-4x24 with SWFA SSALT mount

    For sale $150 (without mount) or $200 (with SWFA SSALT mount): Bushnell AR Optics 1-4x24 Throw Down PCL illuminated optic. PCL stands for Power Control Lever it basically has a built in cat tail for changing magnification. Had a BDC reticle and is first focal plane. Optic is in good condition...
  7. Tuflehundon

    Hornady Steel Match .223 ammo any good?

    Have a friend trying to sell me some of this ammo. he has a couple thousand rounds of the .223 55gr HPBT steel cased ammo. He is switching over to .308 and shooting Heavy Optics so he doesn't need the .223 ammo anymore. He used to work at a gun shop and got it cheap, and is willing to sell it to...
  8. Tuflehundon

    DMR scope recommendations.

    I am currently running a 1-4 optic on my rifle, which is pretty good for 3gun, but one of my local ranges is starting to run a quarterly DMR/SPR rifle only match. The match is 6 stages, with 1 being a bay stage with fairly short distance, and 5 being longer range stages (out to 600 yards). I...
  9. Tuflehundon

    Any good big matches in the June - July time frame in OK? 3gun or USPSA

    Starting to plan a trip back home next year during the summer. I live in Florida, but an from Oklahoma. Del City to be exact. I'll be in town at least a week, maybe even 2 weeks. Haven't really nailed down a time from other than it'll be in June or July of next year so my daughter will be out of...
  10. Tuflehundon

    How long until you DQ'd?

    So I earned my 1st DQ yesterday at a local 3gun match. Was doing a reshoot on a short stage that was fired from a seated position with a loaded table start. grabbed my pistol, and didn't get a good grip which allowed my finger to hit the trigger. Fired a shot when the gun was a few inches off of...
  11. Tuflehundon

    Safariland 40% off discount code

    I have done 2 big matches this year, and at both of them I got 40% off discount cards for Safariland. Good for up to $1000 before tax. Free shipping on all orders over $75. Expires Dec 31, 2015. I don't need both cards. Anyone need to buy some gear from Safariland? 1st to comment saying they...
  12. Tuflehundon

    What are people charging to open up loading port on shotguns?

    I opened up my loading port on my own shotgun using hand files, a dremel with a sanding disk, and sand paper to finish it up. One of the guys I shoot with wants me to do his for him, as he is not mechanicaly inclined, and does not want to send it off to someone and not have a gun for several...
  13. Tuflehundon

    Stages that force you out of your comfort zone.

    I have shota few matches that have stages that force you to do things outside of your comfort zone. Whether it be by forcing you into an difficult position to shoot from, unstable platforms, really long pistol shots, etc. Yesterday at Universal Shooting Academy I shot 3un and there was a stage...
  14. Tuflehundon

    Were to find Winchester Autocomp powder?

    I have 1lb of Autocomp powder and plan to build a load for my Open pistol with it. I have been trying to find more powder for a while and have had no luck. Were is everyone finding Autocomp?
  15. Tuflehundon

    Let's see your Open (Unlimited) Div setups

    Anyone here shoot Open or Unlimited Division in 3gun?I transitioned to USPSA Open last year, and am in the final stages of add on's for my rifle and shotgun to shoot Open / Unlimted in 3gun. My set up is: Rifle is a custom build from the ground up: Spike's lower and upper RRA LPK HiperFire 24C...
  16. Tuflehundon

    Any of our site vendors sell XRails?

    I'm going to place an order for an XRail early next week. Wondering if any of the vendors here sell them. I'd rather support someone here if I can.
  17. Tuflehundon

    Anyone add weight to the stock to balance the shotgun better?

    One of my shooting buddies went to a skeet range to get fitted for his 3 gun shotgun. They changed his stock (due to his height), and changed the comb (angle) of his stock. One thing the instructor also recommended, was to add weight to the butt stock since the guns we use in 3 gun are very nose...
  18. Tuflehundon

    Good DVD's or books for stage breakdown?

    Shooting with some guys today that were better than me (couple of A's and an M), I noticed that my stage breakdown is lacking a bit. I went from shooting Limited for over a year to now shooting Open for the past couple of months. Seems like I am still stuck in Limited mode, and I am playing...
  19. Tuflehundon

    Anyone using a Marine Spacer Tube on a Mossberg 930?

    Been having some issues with my 930 lately. I believe I have them fixed. I had a bent carrier latch on mine, but haven't had a chance to shoot it since replacing the part. Saw this OR3GUN marine spacer tube for the Mossberg 930/935 and wondered if anyone had any experience with it. The stuff...
  20. Tuflehundon

    When will the 2015 shirts be released?

    I have met a few guys from UF that sport the BommerShooter shirts at matches and have been wanting to get one myself. But with saving to buy my daughter a car for Christmas, it's just not in the cards right now. Just wondering roughly when the 2015 shirts will be coming out? I want to get one of...