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  1. Docneeley

    Grandsons first deer

    Just got this today. His first deer. An Idaho muley. Eli is 10. I think he might be a little bit excited. :)
  2. Docneeley

    M1 Garands coming back to the CMP

    Saw this yesterday that the CMP got approval to get back 86,000 M1's from the Philippines. No timeline, but the transfer was approved. Just a heads up.
  3. Docneeley

    Whack-a-mole with the grandkids

    Went to see my grandkids in Idaho and we spent 2 days shooting sage rats (ground squirrels). We whacked close to 1000 in the 2 days with the whole family shooting. High point was my grandson (10) and 2 granddaughters (15 and 18) shooting them with my AR's and my Bob Marvel 22 1911. Took a couple...
  4. Docneeley

    Who to fit frame and machine slide?

    I get all kinds of fun stuff in my gun shop, and I just had an estate come in and in one of the boxes is a bunch of 2011 parts. Basically everything for a 2011 is there. There's no gunsmith in my area, and the slide to frame needs to be fitted and the slide is a bald slide so I'd like to have it...
  5. Docneeley

    WTS JP Enterprises JP-15 w/M-Tac scope

    Off to GB.
  6. Docneeley

    You're never too old!

    A good friend and lifetime shooter came in to my shop last week and bought some guns so he can start shooting 3-gun. He shot a match and loved it. I shoot cowboy action with him and a nicer guy you'll never meet. The best part, he was born in 1933. He's in good shape, but I just love that he...
  7. Docneeley

    FS Stag 3G LNIB

    I bought this and shot it once. I have a JP I find I use more so this one is for sale and it's like new with all the stuff that comes with it. I want $1100 shipped to your FFL. It's a great gun (in my opinion) but I'm not using it. This is below dealer cost. Thanks guys!
  8. Docneeley

    Shot Show

    If anyone is going to shot and would like to meet and have a beer, PM me. I'll be going with one of my guys and my wife is going also.
  9. Docneeley

    Shot 2015

    I'll be going to shot with my wife and one of my guys from the shop. If anyone here is going and would like to hook up for a beer or just to visit, that would be fun.
  10. Docneeley

    The Varminator!

    This was my buddy's second gun at the sage rat shoot. He did take about 10 closer in with it. Absolutely a hoot.
  11. Docneeley

    CZ 712 charging handle

    I thought I [posted this yesterday but it disappeared. I have a couple new shooters with CZ 712 and no one seems to have any charging handles. If anyone has one or 2 please let me know. I know Nordic made them at one time. Thanks guys.
  12. Docneeley

    Inaugural 3 Gun shoot 4-26 in Port Townsend

    The range (Jefferson County Sportsman's association) is excited to have 3 Gun coming there and they are pressing us to get going so our first shoot will be in 2 weeks on the 26th. We'll have a mandatory 3 Gun safety class and the match director is an experienced 3 Gunner and NRA instructor so...
  13. Docneeley

    Ask your local dealer about 3 gun nation dirty bird targets

    RSR has the 3 Gun dirty bird targets on closeout cheap!! Ask your local dealer if he's an RSR customer and it's a chance to grab some targets for your clubs at a great price. I have no affiliation with RSR, but I got 500 for our club and saved 50%. YMMV Good luck.
  14. Docneeley

    Varmint shooting with an AR-squeaks

    A friend built me an AR (Mean Green Firearms) I use for varmint hunting. We shoot ground squirrels in southern Oregon and they have a plague of them. The pastures look like a lawn they are so eaten down. It's great practice as shots are out to 400 yds. and you really learn to control breathing...
  15. Docneeley

    It's a go! New 3 gun venue

    Last night the Jefferson County Sportsman's association voted to let us start shooting 3 gun, So now we're scrambling to get everything set with all the new club issues. Thanks Jesse for your direction. We'll be using the 3 Gun Nation Club series rules and hope to have a shoot in May. The range...
  16. Docneeley

    S&W M&P9 VTAC Pistol w/upgrades

    Hi folks, I no longer use this so it's up for sale. Upgraded M&P VTAC, comes with 4 17 round mags, custom Apex trigger, 4.25 Stormlake barrel, VTAC Warrior front and Warrior rear. It's in dark earth and comes with the original parts (trigger, barrel, etc.). $725 shipped to your FFL. Please email...
  17. Docneeley

    WTS/WTT Nordic +5 tube for a Benelli M-2

    Hi all. I have a Nordic +5 tube w/spring I'm not using. I'd like $70 shipped or trade for?? I need some 126mm STI 2011 mags doe 40 s$w. PM me or email me. Thanks.
  18. Docneeley

    New 3 gun venue questions

    After years of watching Puget sound 3 gun venues go away, one local club wants us there. The current closest club is 70 miles and only holds a match once a year, otherwise we go over the mountains to eastern WA or south to OR. As a result, we (I) seldom go, but this opportunity has me excited at...
  19. Docneeley

    New old guy from WA

    Howdy from west of Seattle. I shoot anything and everything, just not too fast :) Looking forward to learning on here.