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  1. potentpoefie

    Beretta 90Two for Production

    Hi all So I have this 90Two in 40S&W. My wife just sold of her pistol and I was wondering if I shouldn't turn the 90Two into a Production gun for her. I have a 92 and I can just swap out the barrel and I have 9mm mags as well. Look I know it's no Shadow 2 but the 90Two has dovetailed sights...
  2. potentpoefie

    S&W 170343 Classic Division legal

    So I can get a good deal on a S&W Performance Center 1911 in 45 (sku: 170343). Good looking pistol and all and of course I can just buy it for having another good looking pistol however I'm in the market for a pistol that I want to use. Currently I'm shooting revolver division in IPSC and...
  3. potentpoefie

    Had our first ICORE match last Sunday

    So after getting the logistics together of starting the first ICORE club in South Africa we had our first match. Attendance was less than stellar considering the amount of hype and calls I received the two weeks leading up to the match. Oh well it's a starting point. We had a good mix of...
  4. potentpoefie

    Smith & Wesson M&P10 - turned mine into a bolt action

    Hi guys Thursday I finally got my M&P10 (sku 811308) and Friday night I headed over to a friend's house to get some parts fitted that I've had for awhile now. He has the workshop and all the AR tools a man can ask for. Installed the Troy VTAC Alpha 308 LP 13" rail. Mostly because I've been...
  5. potentpoefie

    M&P 40 mag extensions for IPSC Std gun

    I'm thinking of getting some mag extensions for my M&P that I intend to use for IPSC's Std Gun Major. Even if it is just 1 or 2 rounds extra it will be worth it. 15 rounds is great but 17 sounds so much better. I'm thinking about the Taylor Freelance ones. I believe their 29.2mm one is IPSC...
  6. potentpoefie

    Hello from sunny Cape Town South Africa

    Hi guys I've been shooting since 2005. Started off busting pins. Then in 2009 joined up with IDPA. Till the introduction of the new CCP division I was a 5 gun Sharpshooter. Still need to run a classifier in this division. Joined up with IPSC last year and I've been shooting 3 Gun Nation since...