1 Stage vs 2 Stage Triggers


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Do you prefer a single stage trigger or a 2 stage trigger and why? What do you mostly shoot at and which style of trigger do you find helps with follow up shots and long range sniping?


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I like the single stage JP and the 2 stage AR Gold. The AR Gold has a light .8 lb first stage and a really light 2lb second stage do it feels a lot like a single stage.


I definetely prefer a two stage trigger. I love knowing exaclty when and where the shot is going to break. It could be a mental thing, but I feel like I have much greater control over my shots. I used a two stage trigger to hit long range targets at the Larue and Ironman 3 gun events. Oh yeah, I definetely had to use some follow up shots too.

My vote is a good two stage.


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Hmm on my hunting rifle there is zero creep and I love it. On my cutom bench gun it has 2 triggers the first trigger has about a .5 pound pull with a desent amount of travel and then you hit the second trigger with 1.5 pounds and zero creep. I can hammer out rounds all day through the same hole all day long. SO I'm not sure what I wont to put on my AR


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I like the Jewell 2 stage because it's adjustable. My favorite single stage though has got to be a CMC for a drop in unit. It really depends on personal preference


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How do you know if you have a 2 stage trigger?? Can you check it and see? I have a Armarlite ar-10 and don't know what kind of trigger it has.

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2.75-3.5. They vary depending on the install its seems. They all feel good.
The install depends on the installer. One can buy the pre set up model of JP, or get the kit and do it yourself. I like to tinker, and went with the kit. If one takes their time, not removing too much metal on certain areas, following the adjustment instructions, you can set a JP to about anything you want, as long as its safe.
All of my hunting rifles in the past got the drop in Timmney, adjusted to 3lbs, zero creep.
But, its so much more fun to do it yourself. In the process you'll learn how they work, so that building a lower is not such a mystery for the new folks that want to go that route.

As far as Feege's question, I'm going against the flow, liking a single stage.
Keep in mind the "other" guys have a ton more rounds down range than I do.


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I swapped out my oem for a Geissele Super Tricon Trigger. It’s a 2 stage trigger, and immediately my groupings tightened up at 100m. Had 5 shots < 1MOA.

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