15" handguard for 3gun build


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Are there any new "gotta have it" handguards out there? I am slowing building a new 3gun rifle and shopping handguards now a little more in depth. I really like the SLR solo ultra light and the BCM KMR except both have about a 1.5" OD and I would like something closer to 1.75" OD. I run a Samson now that measures 1.8" OD and wouldn't mind it a tiny bit smaller but I also have a Midwest genII on another rifle that just feels to small and it's measures 1.5" So what is everyone's favorite 3gun handguard? I have a F1 billet matched receiver set I will probably be using it with and I just ordered a stretch16 barrel while they were on sale. Opinions and pictures appreciated. Thanks Mike


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I switched to the Parallax Tactical Handguard a few months ago & love it.



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Thanks everyone. I will check into those more. I do like that one armalite is using but they don't have much information listed on it. Well none really LOL.


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I really like my Midwest lightweight M-Lok (MI-LWM-15), I have two of them, the small diameter fits me perfectly and the short rail section at the front acts like a hand stop for me.


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after reviewing prices and installation procedures, ALG has bumped off Aero as the rail I'm looking at.

Geissele is still in the "if I suddenly have extra windfall money" spot.

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