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Tuflehundon (Rob Gee) said:
Mec-Gar depends on the gun. My 1911 wouldn't run them reliably. Everyone seems to love the Wilson mags for single stack, but my guns seems to like the Chip McCormick Power Mags better.
Sig makes an inexpensive and reliable mag for single stack (pretty sure it's a licensed design) around $22.00 per.


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This is Dale. Get a holster, belt, magazines and magazine pouches and give me a call. I have all the stands we need to set up a practice stage. Or, we can just show up to a match and jump in. There is no better way to learn than doing it. I had to borrow equipment my first two or three matches. I had never even seen it done. I told Kirk my first 3 gun match that I would turn around and go home if I hadn't already given him my money. ha

I hear you may be working days now so stop by. I may have a holster that would get you through your first match (not one that you would want to use everytime).