2014 - When will I get my prize?


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I know this is a question a lot of folks are asking - Jesse is out of town this week - when he gets back next week we are going to start getting the prizes all sent out to everyone.

If you won a gun I will get you in touch with the FFL so you can get it from him.

Thanks for being patient - next year we have a plan to speed this up!


Spencer said:
Got mine today! Thanks Tony!

Also, this is Tony's house:

Nah. Thats his guest quarters


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I may have missed something, but for those of us not getting certificates - how we get you the money for shipping?


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Guys - I'm slacking big time on this - I 100% admit it. I've been out of town the last 4 weeks home a day or two and then gone again.

I have all the CR Speed product here so I can start getting that together to mail out. I'll get with JT to get everything else since he has the rest of the stuff.

If you picked a CR Speed product be on the lookout for a PM from me.

Apologies again.


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I'm not worried about the wait. I just thought maybe I missed something since there hasn't been discussions on it lately.

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