2017 fishing thread


I've been remiss in getting this thread started. Lots of issues this year with record floods in our area that leave the boat at home, and me wishing it was on the water.
Got in the canoe on the pond I dug out a couple of years ago and stocked with perch in anticipation of them breeding and providing bass food today. So far, only two bass have been stocked, as I only want females in there as they get the biggest as they age and don't want them to overpopulated and stunt their growth.
Used the fly rod today with a bead head pheasant tail midge, but honestly they were biting the little pinch on strike indicator as many times as they were the fly. I think an empty hook would have worked. Caught a lot of three inch perch. A LOT! Lol.
Occasionally hooked a fighter, and landed probably my best perch to date. Guessing 1/2 lb. Caught and released.
Gonna have to take the Tauras Judge the next time. The water snakes are taking over. Had one banded water snake try to get on board the canoe and had to be pushed off with a paddle.




FlashAndPoof said:
One of these days... I have got to get the time and motivation to take a fishing class. That looks so peaceful out there... snakes aside of course lol.
It is peaceful. I go out once or twice a week to the pond or different lakes. Good eats too!

Wild Bill

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Had a bit of success this past Saturday at a small pond just East of Crescent, OK. The catfish was my 5 year-olds first catch with the assist from her awesome Pawpaw! My dad still swears I couldn't catxh the plague in the dark ages.


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