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What would you guys put on a rifle? Would you still trust the eotech? Is the aim point dot way too large? Your thoughts please.


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I had an EOtech on my rifle as a secondary optic for a couple of years. I loved that optic. Only reason I got rid of it was because I got a rediculous deal on 2 RMR's. I put one RMR offset on my rifle, and one on my shotgun.

With everything going on with EOTech now, I'd go with am Aimpoint. I sold mine right before all this stuff came out about them. But mine never shifted zero or had any issues.

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I'm poor, ran a vortex Sparc. They're great until you lose the dot on a clay pigeon. Go magnified optic or irons dots are ok for up close quick stuff but cross hairs sure are nice.


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Eotech is probably fine. I went with an Aimpoint mainly due to the battery life being 50 times longer, and because I didn't know that any of the cheaper brands were also pretty good.

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Eotech. Wide open objective, will stand up to anything 3 gun will throw at it. 1 MOA center dot is great for long range steel. A 12" plate at 300+ yards will be tough to find with the larger dots like on the others.

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I have changed to the JPoint circle dot on all 3 of my open guns. Same reticle as the Eotech, smaller than a Burris FFlll.
haven't shot a match with them yet, but so far in practice :sarcastichand: , practice :no: they are looking good.
Here I was testing a new target.

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