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What is the best rifle sling for 3 gun? I have one with the loops on each end, but its not great. I need one before the next match.


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You should be able to find MagPul slings at just about any gun store. Important question would also be what attachment points do you have on your rifle, if any.


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I use the Magpul MS4 with QDs on each end. I have the Magpul ASAP RSA QD socket on the hand guard and a QD socket in the Magpul MOE rifle buttstock. Works great and feels solid, I don't worry about anything coming loose or breaking while I'm shooting.

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LoganbillJ said:
VTAC here with QD mounts on both ends. Works great. Have ran it two months in a row at our monthly match with zero issues.
Same set up I am using. I have a magpul ms whatever that I will put qd on as well. The Blue Force stuff is nice though.

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I am a fan of the magpul slings with qd on each end, you can run it in either single point or two point configuration, which makes it adaptable for almost any situation.


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Rifle-craft makes a great sling. The VTAC is cool, but all the buckles make sling-supported shooting very uncomfortable and somewhat painful.
you want a support sling; ching; you want something to carry a rifle while youre running or shootin something else? vtac or proctor

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So after shooting a stage with a long gun and a long gun tethered to me, I'd love to see how folks "sling" their long gun while they shoot their long gun.


Takes a little longer to get out of, but it's very out of the way. More out of the way means faster movement and less misses. Sling on the back definitely takes some practice and technique.



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I just picked up a padded Blue Force Gear Vickers sling... So far I really like it! It's doesn't feel like it will cut into my neck like some of the others out there..


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New to the game here, finally found a sling thread!

Been looking at the padded V Tac sling. Saw a couple people on here running them.

Can some people Share their experiences and what sling they're using and why.
(Comfort, ease of movement, good for transitions and reliable) I'm not looking for a particular brand just thought the V Tac seemed pretty nice and functional from user reviews and youtube videos. I know people try to sell products. Thanks in advance.


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If I was buying one today it would probably be the V-tac. I have very little to no experience with slings but have had a Magpul MS4 for awhile and just now figuring out how to use it before this Missouri 3gun championship is here next month.

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