3 Gun Scope - Trijicon Question


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So I found a website with great prices on accupoints. I'm building a rifle for 3 gun and want a 1-4x style scope. I am torn between the 1-4x accupoint and th 1.25-4x accupoint.

This website has them for 780 and 705 respectively which from what I've seen is a great price for this scope. I notice the 1.25-4x has a 1" tube vs a 30mm tube.

Chime in and let me know. I'm cheap so will I lose much going with the 1.25-4x?


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I've eyeing the Vortex Viper PST 1-4 http://swfa.com/Vortex-1-4x24-Viper-PST-30mm-Rifle-Scope-P44570.aspx
also been reading good things about Super Snipers new 1-4 for a future AR build http://swfa.com/SWFA-SS-1-4x24-Tactical-30mm-Riflescope-P48362.aspx


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Heck I just found the 1.25-4 accupoint for 629. Maybe it's a sign.

We've been in talks with vortex about them donating a scope for the LOKI buil. I'll def check that out. Head good things bout them.

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I just bought this one for around $379. It was on sale so I'm not sure if it's still going. Check SWFA and Midway.


If you are set on the Trij most definitely get the true 1X model.


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IIRC you lose about 30 feet from the field of view at 100 yards.

In other words...a lot. Are you going to play 3 gun with us?


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I have owned both the TR21 & the TR24. If you are spending over $500 on a scope don't fook around and get with the 21? The lesser FOV, lack of true 1X, and longer eye relief are worth every bit of $75-200.

Both scopes have a fairly long eye relief so if you shoot nose to charging handle you gotta get a LaRue SPR-E mount. The TR21 requires one no matter what. The TR24 can be used with other mounts but you gotta keep your head back.

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