3 gun shotgun caddy?


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[SIZE=10.5pt]Looking into Taccom for shotgun caddy's I am totally new to 3 gun competition, I know you have 2 load method caddy's and quad load method. Since I have smaller hands, I don't know what caddy to choose from. I am shooting a Stoeger M3K, tuned and modified by my gunsmith. For a new beginner what caddy system is best recommended and how many? I have a 10+1 tube on my M3k. I don’t like chest rigs and I prefer the upright type caddy’s I feel more comfortable with them… [/SIZE]

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Looks good to me
Since you have small hands, maybe the load two method. Similar to quad loading, but you grab two shells stacked on top of each other instead of 4. If you can grab 4 at once, then quad loading was easier for me to learn than weak hand. I still have and use weak hand caddies, they have their place in my shooting ability.


Your hands are likely not too small to quad load, my 10yo daughter quad loads.
Buy caddies that are good for grabbing 2 or 4 shells at a time. I like the carbon arms caddies. They have the best retention.


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I just switched from load two with Taccom dual loads to quad loading with the Taccom sportster L12-4. I can carry 24 shells with 2 caddies in less space on my belt than I could carry 18 in three dual load caddies. They are working great for me. Now just need to practice with them a lot more so I am not leaving a trail of live shells behind me LOL.


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I'm no pro like some of the guys on here, but I really like the Invictus practical caddies. I have the 12 Q and 8 caddies. They're super slick, the angle and pull is perfect for fast quad or dual loads. Hands down I definitely load faster using these guys.

I also have purchaser the EZ 8 caddies recently which are pretty awesome as well. If you're worried about dropping shells it's pretty hard with this set up and it's retention function. * A bonus of the EZ 8s is that you can do three different shotgun loading styles. Have yet to figure out the thumb push method. But duals and quads are super easy once you figure out the feel.

Bottom line, find what feels right for you. Good luck and have fun


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12 Q and 8 caddie i think that's okay too, but it's depends on you, you can use what right for you.

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