Action shots!


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Got a few from last year... Unfortunately I haven't been able to shoot competition in a while...

Here's some from our impromptu Outlaw 3-Gun at Muskogee Gun Club... Back when I still had my G19...



Not the same casing different shot/different casing LOL


And here's a few from an IDPA match at USSA (first time shooting there and it was GREAT... Like I told my Wife if they'd let me put a house on the range to live there I would... Wish I could have got some pics of us shooting the shoothouse!!!) This was also my first match using my M&P 9...




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There's info on the MGC website:
In the forum under the "Outlaw 3-Gun"

I am technically the Match Director for the 3-Gun, but I haven't been able to to do much due to family stuff & obviously the weather...

Bear in mind we're not a IDPA sanctioned club & the 3-Gun isn't as well it's kind of our own thing...


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Who cares? We shoot any multigun we can find within a reasonable driving distance. :)

Seems that most of the bigger 3-gun matches are going outlaw. Be sure to post a match announcement when you have another one and the BS squad will probably be there.


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Outstanding!!! The Outlaw 3-Gun IMHO is the only way to go... I could care less about official rankings in 3-gun cause it's just a blast!!!

Once I know anything I'll let Y'all know!


Great pics guys!
At times I wish I was closer to the metro areas to get in more shooting, but its not gonna happen. Country living is too good.


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Just wish I could afford more ammo, I can always find a place to shoot ;)

Anyone know how to get a sponsor to buy me ammo?!? LOL


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Speed reload. Shot, reload, shot, reload. Too fast for the camera! Just for those who didn't notice, note the mags in my duty gear.